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Dark Glam Guest Look
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▷ 🥇 Dark Glam Guest Look

Sometimes the dark side is tempting and extremely attractive, which is why we have chosen to take inspiration not from princesses and other charitable characters from fairy tales, but from those who play an evil role to design a slightly gothic, bright and very seductive.

The main element of this look is an original and slender dress by Inmaculada García (1) in anthracite gray, with a V-neck and a short over-the-knee skirt made up of numerous pleats. The shoes and the silver bag (4 and 3) come from the Linea Raffaelli brand. Its cut is simple so as not to overload the whole set and its light color to lighten the whole set a bit.

Then we chose two Swarovski jewels: a rigid black bracelet decorated with black and white gemstones (6), as well as a pair of lush gemstone earrings (5) in shades of gray and white that match the bracelet.

To add a pop of color to this relatively dark ensemble, we have selected Essie’s Chubby Cheeks Nail Polish (2), which is bright red.

  1. Inmaculada García’s Botswana wedding dress.
  2. Essie’s Chubby Cheeks Nail Polish.
  3. BAGDAD bag reference 12179 27 from Linea Raffaelli.
  4. Evening shoes reference SHOES 12164 27 from Linea Raffaeli.
  5. Swarovski Earrings by Shourouk by Swarovski.
  6. Swarovski Triumphal Black bracelet.

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