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▷ 🥇 Donut bar: 4 good reasons to succumb!

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When you imagine your reception, you imagine an original wedding, a celebration far from the more traditional aesthetics. You want a modern setting, wedding décor in trendy colors, outfits that match your style and character, and, of course, entertaining wedding games.

If this is your choice, you will certainly also consider an original wedding menu, perhaps even in the form of buffets, stalls, and other food trucks. Among the trendy culinary options is, of course, the concept of “bars”. Today, we recommend the donut bar.

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An original candy table

Candy bars have invaded wedding cocktails. If you want to stand out, it is better to resort to another type of candy to surprise your guests. Among the most fashionable options of the moment, donuts stand out from the crowd!

For your cocktail party, treat young and old alike by offering them the opportunity to sample these cakes that will allow them to wait until dinner. It is generally a dessert that we are not used to eating every day, which will make the tasting even more memorable.

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An alternative to the assembled part

Feel free to put your donut bar in the dining room to complete your room décor and complete your dinner in style.

If you have already given up on the assembled piece and other wedding cakes, donuts can be an alternative, practical in their individual formats, allowing all appetites to be tempted and those with a sweet tooth to try different flavors.

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A wide range of flavors and colors

This is another advantage of donuts, these little donuts in the shape of a ring exist in all kinds of flavors, enough to develop a dessert table that will satisfy all palates.

Of course, the classic donut should not be missing: a delicious fluffy dough covered in icing sugar. The most common options also include donuts dipped in a thin layer of dark or white chocolate, sometimes topped with colored noodles.

Donuts are also a variety of creams that can be used to decorate the inside of the donut to make it even more appetizing. Plain cream, strawberry cream, melted chocolate, caramel, etc. It’s also an opportunity to experiment with unusual recipes to impress your guests, like pink bagels or ice cream donuts, for example.

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An aesthetic paste in the presentation

With donuts, the decoration of your wedding table will be assured! The shape and colors of these cakes make them decorations in their own right that will attract loved ones to the buffet without them being able to resist.

There are all kinds of ways to present your donuts. For example, you can make small pyramids to place on a plate, tablecloth, or wooden log to complete your country wedding décor.

They can be presented in bulk under the hood, in a mini version in small individual glasses or in self-service cardboard boxes.

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But the most original and popular presentation of the moment is without a doubt that of the vertical donut bar. Beyond the multi-story trays and wooden sticks that cakes slide down, the trend is to build a wall of donuts.

We use here a panel in which we can write down a love quote or the composition of the different desserts before planting stems at regular intervals on which we will slide one or more donuts according to the length of the sticks. For an increasingly aesthetic effect, have fun alternating colors.

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An original wedding means matching wedding outfits! Take the opportunity to wear a unique wedding dress, different from your timeless work outfits. Be equally bold when choosing your wedding dress and go for a look out of the ordinary.

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