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▷ 🥇 Dress code for a country wedding

Have the couple decided to celebrate their union in the country? It does not matter. We will help you prepare for this event, so you know what to wear and feel perfectly comfortable!

The countryside is a setting conducive to romanticism and naturalness. The country setting also allows for a very nice contrast between rustic nature and elegant suits while remaining relaxed, British phlegma style.

Avoid the white dress, of course, but light shades will be appropriate. Beige is a color that combines perfectly with the charm of the countryside.

The gold of this day

For men, the white shirt and beige pants will be of the greatest elegance.

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For women, it is time to dare to use floral prints and cheerful colors, such as fuchsia or yellow in small touches. Orange is undoubtedly the color to choose and the one that best combines with beige, whether it is mandarin, apricot or even carrot.

All the above mentioned colors are a perfect match for the intense green of the meadows. On the other hand, avoid green dresses that will be toned, and even blue, which is less flattering in this context. Finally, for comfort and freshness, prefer short dresses to long ones.

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For accessories, take a look at vintage clothing stores. You will undoubtedly find hats, ribbons and other items to dress your outfits with originality. Feel free to hang flowers in your hair to remind you of all the softness and nature of this country wedding.


Finally, the bride and groom may have decided to bring the country theme to a particular dress code, both for themselves and for the guests. If you want to give your wedding a retro touch, keep up the movement! Avoid black and prefer pastel tones and light fabrics, all in finesse. For women, dare to wear light dresses; for men, belts and bow ties. And to change your look, straw hats for everyone!


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