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▷ 🥇 Fanny and Paudi’s country wedding

* A big thank you to photographer Nelly Pinton for this wonderful photo report.

Fanny and Paudi have decided to say YES on September 24, 2011, at the Domaine de Massereau in Sommières en el Gard. A symbolic and sentimental choice as this farm is the place where Fanny’s maternal grandmother grew up.

Originally from Ireland, Paudi follows in the footsteps of his future French wife to celebrate a country wedding in the early days of autumn. The intoxication of love will take them to the vineyards located a few steps from the farm.

For her wedding dress, Fanny chose a tailor-made and totally personalized creation thanks to the talents of her creative cousin: Laurence Freychet, based in Grenoble, Isère.

Because the fall of 2011 was particularly pleasant, Fanny and Paudi had the opportunity to organize an outdoor wedding, surrounded by their loved ones, in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

Rural, simple yet perfectly organized with original entertainment and an outdoor ceremony, Fanny and Paudi’s wedding was a great moment of love and happiness.

Arriving at the ceremony site in a 2CV period, decorated with bunches of grapes and vine leaves, you will exchange rings under an old tree, under the benevolent eyes (and sparkles) of your guests.

A great family of artists and musicians, this day will be full of music. Fanny will take up the violin, Paudi will invite herself to the dance and the Pas D’Nom Pas d’Maison company of musicians will be able to set the mood!

In addition, a tightrope walker will delight young and old with a surprising and original act. Once again, the family is at the heart of the wedding: tightrope walker Jean-Louis Hay, alias Malino, is Fanny’s brother-in-law.

A “photojournalism” type photo report documents this day in a subtle and poetic way with fine photos that seek to capture light in its most intimate form. This gives striking portraits of realism, as well as almost palpable emotion.

“Beautiful and natural brides, many emotions,” says the photographer.

Photos: Photographer Nelly Pinton

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