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Fashion wedding gifts 2011
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▷ 🥇 Fashion wedding gifts 2011

One might think that creating a wedding list is one of the most enjoyable moments in preparations. It’s time to indulge yourself and think about the insanity you normally can’t afford.

Whether you’re filling out your own wedding list or looking for an idea for a friend’s wedding, here are some fashion ideas to inspire you:

The Fairtrade Gift List

Most newlyweds live as a couple for many years before getting married. For all conscientious and responsible couples, there are now green and fair marriage lists. Plants, products that respect the environment or fair trade… the choice is huge!

A photoshootTrash the Dress

The Trash the Dress session is by far the most original. It’s time for you to put on your post-wedding dress for one last unusual photoshoot. Everything is allowed with your dress, so enjoy it. Swimming in a lake, rolling on the ground, throwing paint on it – it’s time to let it go!

A new wedding reservation

This new trend has nothing to do with your look but with the decoration of your room. Some professionals specialize in decorating your bedroom to transform it into a true cozy nest that would have nothing to envy to the rooms of large palaces. Curtains, velvets, candles and other decorations will be displayed.

A gift from the extreme

What can be better than a parachute jump to celebrate the beginning of a life together? A first jump in free fall is an original idea that will be an unforgettable memory for our young couple.

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