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Fast diets Guide for brides
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▷ 🥇 Fast diets? – Guide for brides

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Most of the diets known as “miracle diets” have no scientific basis and have never been tested. They can lead to weight loss, but the problem occurs after the completion of the diet, when the lost weight is gradually regained (yo-yo effect). They can also cause nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders responsible for certain diseases.

Overweight and obesity are due, in most cases, to an imbalance between food consumption and energy expenditure. That is, these people consume more calories than they expend. To lose weight, therefore, they must reduce the amounts and increase their energy expenditure. This requires a change in lifestyle in terms of diet, physical activity, and behavior.

Most nutritionists agree that any diet aimed at losing weight should reduce the usual consumption of calories, while meeting the criteria of a healthy diet (balanced and varied) and that very strict diets are doomed to failure.

Proper dietary treatment should aim to establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits to maintain this long-term weight loss. Generally, a moderate caloric restriction is recommended that allows an average weight loss of 225 to 450 grams per week. The nutritionist can advise you on how to establish your own weight loss plan.

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