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Flower arrangements for the bride and grooms car all
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▷ 🥇 Flower arrangements for the bride and groom’s car: all possible decorations

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Wedding decoration is one of the most important steps in the preparation process. It is in fact this element that will set the tone for your wedding. For this reason, flowers are always a winning bet. Your bridal bouquet shouldn’t be the only one enjoying fresh, colorful flowers. For a romantic setting, feel free to hang field flower bouquets wherever you can!

The bride and groom’s car is a support on which it is convenient to install some flowers. The plants will add a note of sweetness and poetry to your means of transport.

Here is the list of the different elements of your D-day car where you can hang beautiful wedding flower arrangements.

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The hood of the vehicle

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The hood of the car is the space that the bride and groom decorate with the most taste. It is a large and almost flat surface that allows you to imagine all kinds of floral decorations. Using a professional florist is recommended to compose a floral ornament that can resist wind and movement.

In terms of style, get closer to the theme of your wedding and choose the flowers that you like the most: roses and peonies for a classic or romantic wedding, hydrangeas or wildflowers for a country setting, orchids for a sophisticated wedding, etc.

Don’t forget to add a few leaves and branches to your flowers that will enhance the colors of your plants and serve as a natural support and protection between your flowers and the canopy.

The windshield

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The wedding car decoration can also go through the windshield. This is another support that inspires the bride and groom when it comes to decorating their vehicle with beautiful flowers. The most classic option is to create a long, slim floral composition that can be laid horizontally along the windshield.

We will choose here a base of plants like the laurel from which we come to steal here and there some buds of white roses for example for a romantic look. You can also enjoy walking along the short sides of the windshield or framing it with flowers in its entirety. You can still imagine a floral decoration that starts at one end of the hood and continues diagonally down the opposite side of the windshield.

The back of the car

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While there is a tendency to focus on the front of the vehicle, the rear of the bride and groom’s car also offers many possibilities. If the rear of your vehicle is equipped with a projection, a sufficiently wide bracket can also install a beautiful bouquet of roses or other floral composition.

If there is no outside space in the rear, use the interior of the vehicle to place beautiful flowers on its rear cover, which will be protected from drafts and will resist even better. The rear window of your vehicle is also a good place to decorate. Why not take a look at some mini bouquets of an orange rose and a lily of the valley, for example?

Small surfaces

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Who says that the floral composition for the car does not necessarily mean an excess of bouquet! It is also possible with the help of suction cups and ribbons to hang some flowers in smaller areas of your vehicle. Think of your doors, round vintage car headlights (2CV, all-wheel drive, MG TD, etc.) or even certain types of bumpers. Here are a few more areas to exploit where you can attach a beautiful peony, large daisy, chrysanthemum, or a few dahlias.

To be sure to present an original wedding to your loved ones, you will have to think about all the small decorative details of your event. Beyond flowers, feel free to add some humorous accessories to your D-Day car for funky and fun wedding photos.

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