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▷ 🥇 Fruits and vegetables: how to compose a balanced wedding buffet?

Photograph by Aude Arnaud

You have seen magnificent wedding invitations related to your theme that you are looking forward to sending to all your loved ones. For your family and friends to have a delicious time, you have chosen a magical decoration that will allow them to disconnect from everyday life. Because you want your guests to have fun, you have even decided to organize some wedding games for them.

Keep in mind that guest satisfaction comes first and foremost from the stomach! It is at this specific point that you will have to focus your efforts to ensure that your loved ones have a good memory of your event.

A wedding buffet doesn’t necessarily mean a flood of grease, sugar, and salt. These are some tips for those who want to offer a healthy, balanced and tasty meal for their guests.

The seven food groups

When we talk about a balanced diet, we are referring in particular to a diversified diet based on different food families. Seven food categories are considered: beverages, starches, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish and egg meat, fats and sugars.

If the last two categories are to be consumed in small quantities, you should compose your menu and here your wedding buffet by drawing the other five categories, giving priority to beverages, fruits and vegetables and starches.

Anna Cruz Photography

Fruits and vegetables come first and foremost

If fruits and vegetables have the advantage of allowing an attractive and colorful decoration of the wedding table, they are above all healthy allies that should form the basis of your buffet for the big day. Planter of raw vegetables on sticks with white sauces, endive leaves sprinkled with a mixture of roquefort pear, walnuts and chives, vegetable mousses, tomato and basil salads, apples, figs, grapes and apricots to accompany the cheese, watermelon cubes and pineapple, ideas are not lacking!

Depending on the season, even consider a soup or salad bar as entertainment for your wedding.

Julien and Elisabeth’s wedding

Think of the right accompaniments

Even if you’ve chosen an ultra-natural and healthy wedding theme, your meal won’t just consist of fruits and vegetables. Your buffet should also offer more consistent foods that are essential for a balanced menu. That said, it is possible to find robust and healthy foods.

This is the case, in particular, of rice and wholegrain pasta, unrefined products that retain all their nutritional properties and fibers and are consumed in less quantity because they are more satisfactory. Don’t forget legumes like lentils or chickpeas, which are consistent, tasty and healthy foods that blend perfectly with vegetables.

Choosing the right meat and fish

If you are in favor of an original wedding menu, it is difficult for you to sacrifice meat and fish on this holiday. These foods are not prohibited, although they must be consumed in reasonable quantities. To avoid excess fat, lean meats such as chicken or ham are preferred.

To fill with good fats, we will opt for fish, especially salmon, herring, tuna and mackerel, paying special attention to the origin of these different species.

Pierre and Julia

Favor local and seasonal products

To offer your loved ones a balanced buffet and therefore a healthy and quality option, first go to the catering companies near your reception area. Fresh and organic eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, they focus on quality rather than quantity. A balanced buffet is also a fair calculation of proportions to avoid overconsumption of food and food waste.


Do you want to propose an original wedding to your loved ones, do you want to surprise them? So take care of every aspect of your reception, starting at the beginning – the aesthetics of your creative invitations!

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