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Hairstyles with tiara 4 ways to crown the bride
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▷ 🥇 Hairstyles with tiara: 4 ways to crown the bride

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Since ancient times, the tiara has been reserved for special occasions and important personalities. Today, this precious set is an essential wedding accessory for all those who want to perfect their wedding dress. Worn on the top of the head to decorate the most diverse wedding hairstyles, flat or curved, the royal wedding look is guaranteed. You can see for yourself trying with your beautiful wedding dress the 4 ways to wear a tiara that we present below.

1. Loose hair or half-tail hair

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Any hairstyle can be decorated with a tiara or tiara! Brides with loose shoulder length hair or those who opt for the half ponytail can put their accessory like a crown. Ideal if you are wearing a wedding dress directly inspired by the characters in the stories that make you dream, this accessory will complete the magical dimension of your suit.

Be sure to fasten it on both sides with inconspicuous bars (sheer or hair-colored) or bun ends to make it more comfortable to wear.

It will be necessary to choose a light headband and crepe your beautiful mane a bit if your hair is too thin. The volume helps to hold these hair jewelry in the same way as curls, so you can curl your hair for the occasion.

2. Buns


Regardless of the height of your bun, the tiara is perfectly suited to this timeless pinning style. Your hairdresser will know how to position your accessory and highlight it by lightly curling the top of your hair, if you have chosen a low or mid-rise wedding bun.

Anchor it to the root of your straight or curly bun when done above your head, at a height. This may be the starting point for the bride’s veil, which will then appear to be accessed thanks to the tiara. In a semi-circle or completely closed, your tiara will surround your most sophisticated hairstyle. The pearls, rhinestones or floral golds that compose it will make its effect more beautiful.

3. A wick in the side

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When placing the accessory in the center of the hair, loose or tied, let the bangs or the highlight fall, in front or to the side. Since the tiara will not adorn your forehead, depending on your features, it is sometimes advisable to drop one or more strands over your face to frame it and energize your hairstyle.

4. Headband

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The tiara is also used as a headband. In this case, the shape varies, the branches are longer and support part of your hairstyle without you having to worry about their balance. Wider than the tiara that hugs your bun, it is better suited to flat hairstyles since you do not need volume to wear it.

Closely follows the contours of the head, as opposed to crowns that are placed, straight or bent, on top. Practical and no less sophisticated!

As you may have understood, your desire for a tiara will know very few limits. Short, long, long, tied, loose, fine or thick, the hair welcomes this jewel of the king. Choosing the right type of headband is essential to beautify your hairstyle, match your face, your jewelry and your dress.

Let the search for the perfect accessory begin! Fortunately, there is something for all tastes and for all brides: fine, voluminous, silver or gold, family jewelry and the latest fashion tiaras. If you are wondering which wedding makeup best suits your tiara hairstyle … the answer is clear: a princess makeup, of course! All you need is a beautiful and refined bridal bouquet.

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