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Heres why you should consider hair extensions for your
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▷ 🥇 Here’s why you should consider hair extensions for your wedding

Have you ever looked at a Pinterest board full of wedding hairstyles and wondered, “How can these women have such amazing hair?” Well, the answer is probably pretty simple: Wedding Extensions! In addition to curling irons, hair spray, and the hands of a seasoned professional, a few perfectly placed hair extensions can be the secret to the hair of your dreams.

Long or short, textured or straight, highlighted or all natural, we asked bridal beauty professionals to explain why you should really consider wedding hair extensions.

What are the most common hair extension options?

There is no shortage of options, from temporary to semi-permanent, and with almost endless options within each category. Alison Harper of Alison Harper & Company in Laurel, Maryland breaks down the options with some insight into which wedding hair extensions might be best for your hair type:

  • Sewing extensions: With this technique, we braid your natural hair and sew two or three bundles of hair extensions to the braids. This service can last three to four hours, but the look lasts a month or two for women with textured hair and 2 weeks for women with softer hair.
  • Glue extensions: This is a more temporary application. Small samples of extensions are glued to the root area near the scalp. This service can take one to two hours to apply, and the look lasts one to two weeks with proper care.
  • Tape input extensions: With this technique, small samples of extensions come with pre-glued tabs that are carefully pressed close to the scalp. This service can last from one to two hours, and the appearance lasts from one to two months with proper care.
  • Fusion or Pre-Bonded Extensions: This technique is the most durable of the extensions for Caucasian or lightly textured hair. Individual pearls with a small amount of hair are attached to the root to create a more natural, seamless look. This technique can take four to six hours to apply, but results can last two to four months with proper care.
  • Clip-In Extensions: This is the only technique I would suggest to add extensions just for your wedding day. Small bundles of hair are attached to small clips that can be temporarily attached close to the scalp ”.

“Ask your stylist to help you match the extensions color you order,” advises Lulu Matthews of Lulu Lush in Kapaa, Hawaii. Ask for samples of the brand you are considering so you can see the colors in person. They can often look different in the photos online, so the samples will help make sure they are a perfect match. ” Even being a shade off can be a gift, so ask your stylist to match the color at the end of your locks (not the roots!), As that is what it will look like in your style. “It costs a bit more, but the multi-colored extensions blend in much more naturally,” says Megan Payne of Makeup at 702 in Las Vegas. “Or you can buy wedding hair extensions in a few shades to add highlights and / or lowlights.”

Why Future Brides Should Consider Buying Wedding Hair Extensions?

Chances are, you’ve seen lots of wedding hair extensions before! “Most of the styles that you will see in the extensions of the Pinterest or Instagram functions, whether to add length or volume. “Jokes can’t do much!” Matthews says. And of course the extensions are way faster than having a long commitment for the sake of growing your hair. “Adding extensions is a short cut to get your hair red carpet ready, without having to wait,” says Payne. “And they are free of commitment! You can add your length clips whenever you want, then remove them and go back to your lobe when you’re done. “

Harper continues: “For a woman with textured hair, extensions can make the wedding day hairstyle quicker and easier. It is also convenient, because the extensions mean that your hair will be styled for all the celebrations before and after the wedding as well. Adds Hannah Elisabeth of Hannah Elisabeth Beauty in Beverly Hills: “Hair is a great source of confidence for many women, myself included, so wearing extensions for a day when you want to look and feel your best is a must. ”.

What should brides-to-be look for when shopping for wedding hair extensions?

“No matter what type of extensions you buy, it’s worth investing in real hair as well as remy extensions (which means the hair cuticle is oriented the same way),” says Matthews. “I recommend choosing hair extensions with the guidance of a professional to ensure the desired result is achieved in terms of length, style, color, etc.,” says Elisabeth. “All extensions must be human hair when using heat styling, as synthetic hair extensions will melt under the heat of a flat iron or flat iron.

How can hair extensions affect your wedding day hair options?

Not everything is length and volume. “Extensions are known to hold a curl very well, which means that your hairstyle will last much longer,” explains Matthews. “Especially for my girlfriends here in Hawaii, the heat and humidity can be difficult on hairstyles. Extensions really make a difference! “

Extensions can also influence the stylist you choose for your wedding day. “Let your stylist know that you will be wearing extensions and make sure she or he is comfortable working with them,” says Jenna Marie Streitenfeld of Kiss This Makeup in Chicago, Charleston and South Florida. Once you’ve hired a stylist, ask them (or your hairdresser) how to arrange them to best suit your desired wedding hairstyle.

Who is a good candidate for wedding hair extensions?

The great news is that there is an extension option for everyone, regardless of the length, texture or condition of your hair. “Anyone with hair one to three inches long or longer who wants to add length or volume to their hair is a great candidate,” says Harper. Matthew adds, “If you have thin or fragile hair, talk to your stylist to find the option that best suits your hair type.” If you have shorter hair and are wearing non-sewing clip in extensions (which are sewn into braids that will be hidden by the application of extensions), ask your stylist to add layers once your extensions have been applied so that they blend in with your current cut.

How can you get your hair extensions ready for the wedding?

“Remember to shampoo and condition your extensions before your wedding day, just like your natural hair, and consider an oil or deep conditioner treatment,” says Streitenfeld. “This will ensure the best shine and finish for your style, and will help your extensions last a long time.” Don’t forget to gently comb the extensions before washing them. To mix your extensions so you’re ready for your beach bridal waves or your sculpted hairstyle, curl your hair. with your extensions. “Curling them together helps to blend everything together for the perfect look, so the extensions look like they are yours,” explains Payne.

If you have semi-permanent extensions, take extra steps to care for them daily to keep them looking beautiful on your wedding day. “Sleep in a nightcap or a silk or satin slipcover,” says Harper. “And be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance, no matter what style of extensions you have.”

How much do wedding hair extensions cost?

While synthetic extensions can be tempting for their low price, sacrificing quality can mean shiny extensions that can’t stand up to the style. Instead, invest in real human hair (remember, that means the cuticles are oriented in the same direction for smoother extensions). “Expect to pay between $ 150 and $ 350, depending on the length of each track, the quality (especially if you spring for intact cuticle and / or virgin hair extensions), and the number of tracks you’ll need,” says Payne.

“Remember that temporary options will always be less expensive than permanent options,” says Elisabeth. “You may have a shock sticker when you receive a quote from a stylist / extensions specialist, but remember that high-quality hair is expensive! A highly trained professional will make sure that you are living your best hair life, but also that your natural hair is not compromised or damaged in any way. It will be worth every penny! “

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