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Honeymoon preparations 6 tips to optimize the space in
Home » ▷ 🥇 Honeymoon preparations: 6 tips to optimize the space in your suitcase

▷ 🥇 Honeymoon preparations: 6 tips to optimize the space in your suitcase

Fortunately, you won’t have to put your wedding dress in your suitcase! The wedding dress will also stay at home a priori. Despite this, packing your honeymoon suitcase is often a real headache. Just the last wedding speeches that you can already imagine in front of your luggage unable to close it!

Don’t worry, we won’t abandon you when the ceremony is over. We have even compiled the best techniques for you to help you optimize your suitcase space to seal your bag with complete serenity.

1. Choose the right suitcase

Lets start by the beginning. A streamlined suitcase starts with a functional container. Choose a lightweight model with maximum interior space, different compartments, exterior pockets to always save a little more space, space for shoes, etc…. Make sure the wheels don’t take up too much space in your bag.

2. Follow the different steps

In the same way that you will have prepared the decoration of your wedding table step by step, respect the order in which your luggage is organized. Start by laying your clothes flat to make the process easier.

Start your bag with the bulkiest items like shoes, then fill in the empty spaces with T-shirts, socks, and ties. Then install your stockings. Separate this first space from a bag in which you will place your toiletry bag, glasses, computer, camera, etc. Your shirts will be above the pile.

3. Package packaging

The packaging technique consists of packing your garments all together by overlapping them. To do this, a first flat shirt is placed. A jersey is installed on top in the opposite direction. The top of a pants folded in half lengthwise is placed in the center of this pile, legs out.

The same operation is reproduced in the opposite direction, etc. Once our pile of clothes is made, we fold its ends to form a rectangular package that easily fits in our suitcase. Remember to put your clothes on top of each other in general and especially in your bras.

Are you going to the sea to stay in the spirit of your aquatic wedding theme? Keep in mind that your swimsuit tops can be used as a bra and prevent you from overdressing.

4. Ranger packaging

This is a second storage method that is particularly popular with adventurers! It involves rolling up clothes to save space and prevent wrinkling. To do this, roll up the open end of your shirt or pants. Fold your shirt in half by folding up the sleeves.

Roll your fabric rectangle very tight towards the rolled part. Fold down the rolled part to close the roll and prevent it from moving. In the same way that wedding makeup tutorials are available on the Internet, you can use videos to do your Ranger Packing like a pro!

Experts can embark on Super Ranger Packing, which involves rolling a T-shirt, underwear or panties, and a pair of socks together.

5. Think about your clothes in advance

To avoid wearing clothes that you will never wear during your honeymoon, think about your outfits beforehand. Choose the basics and especially colors that blend easily. Choose two matching tights and tops, which fit perfectly with all your outfits.

Choose neutral sneakers, go anywhere, and flat soles instead of platforms that take up a lot of space. If you want to wear your heels to give your cocktail dress a boost, remember to wear your bulkiest shoes on your feet during the trip!

6. Use all empty spaces

A perfectly optimized suitcase must not know empty spaces. You will need to fill any gaps with small items like socks, t-shirts, ties, helmets, belts, and other accessories that you can put inside your shoes or in the corners of your luggage.

Don’t worry about preparing your luggage in advance – there are many solutions! Prepare your wedding invitations in peace and quiet and send them out. Here too, be resourceful and offer your loved ones creative invitations!

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