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▷ 🥇 Horse brides – Guide for brides

Horseback riding is her passion, she loves horses, she marries on the theme of nature or in a retro setting – there are many reasons to choose a horse instead of a carriage at the wedding venue, as long as of course , don’t be afraid of these animals!

  • If you have a horse or a mare, the choice will be made quickly: it is your favorite that will accompany you in this special moment, a way to involve your pet in your wedding. If this is not the case, you can rent a horse of the breed of your choice and its equipment for the occasion, after taking riding lessons if you are not a regular, with this particular horse in order for them to become one-on-one. other.
  • Regarding the position to adopt on the horse, it can be ridden on horseback or in amazon, depending on the comfort and the dress, as long as the appropriate saddle is available. Of course, you will need help getting up, especially to hold your dress. A stepladder can be welcome so that you don’t have to do stunts.
  • The arrival on horseback is elegant and will be very suitable for a rural wedding in a castle, in particular. To avoid having to ride the horse, you can also use a carriage.

If you decide to ride on your wedding day, you will have to take into account certain factors:

  • First of all, you have to be very careful not to get dirty or dirty, or spoil the dress: you have to make sure that it is possible to ride a horse by trying it on well in advance to be able to change means of transport or clothes when you arrive at the place of the ceremony. Include in your wedding kit a stain repellent, a sewing set or Fashion Tape just in case, as well as a sticky roller to remove the hairs.
  • On the other hand, the horse will not be used to being ridden by a bride, especially if the dress she is wearing is voluminous and impressive: some horses can be nervous, so it is advisable to ride them several times beforehand so that they get used to it. .
  • Unlike automobiles, the horse is an animal: this means that you will have to think not only about its transportation to the wedding venue, but also about its presence after you have completed your mission. In particular, he must have a fenced area, food and water, as well as supervision, if he is not returned directly to the stable at the end of the trip.
  • Watch out for the horse’s appetite – you may be tempted to try your bouquet or other plant elements of the decor.
  • The presence of a horse can annoy some people: guests may be afraid of it, or have an allergy; make sure your choice is not a problem.

Manon Piovesan – Photography

If you decide to ride your favorite horse on your wedding day and once all the details are settled, you just have to prepare it for the occasion: you can braid its mane from time to time and decorate it with ribbons, for example.

On the other hand, if your dream of riding on your wedding day proves too complicated or difficult to achieve, you can always do a pre or post wedding photoshoot in your wedding outfit with him.

Tempted to ride for your wedding and what are some tips if you have, for hesitating brides?

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