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▷ 🥇 How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Thinking of putting a ring on it? Tradition says that generally anyone planning to propose must spend three months of their salary on the engagement ring. So how do you know what you are looking for and if you are getting the best price for that shiny rock?

Hunting for that perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you think cut and color is something you get in a salon. Enter diamond merchant, Frankie McDad, founder of The Diamond Concierge .

The Diamond Concierge is an online platform where you can have your experience fully tailored to suit your every whim – everything from shape and budget to color and clarity is determined by the individual. Customers at The Diamond Concierge are offered the highest quality diamonds at the best price, and McDad believes that modern couples should forget tradition and make their own rules of engagement.

“There should be no hard and fast rules when buying a diamond for an engagement ring. It is an intimate gift that is truly personal, and so should the shopping experience, ”said Mr. McDad.

“It is a misconception that designing your own engagement ring is purely for those with deep pockets. That is not the case at all. We have access to up to eight million diamonds every day, so we work to find the best diamond at the best price, no matter how much my client wants to spend on an engagement ring, ”says Mr. McDad.

For those in the diamond market, McDad has some advice for those whose knowledge of diamonds is not as strong as they would like before making such a significant investment.

“When buying a diamond, regardless of budget, it is important to understand what to look for. The 4 Csclarity , cut , color , Y carats they are a good guide to follow, ”says Mr. McDad.

“The cut refers to the proportions and angles of the diamond, the weight is the carat, the color is a scale of how diamonds are classified from D to Z, with D being the crème de la crème, and clarity is refers to inclusions. For example, a flawless diamond has no inclusions at all, ”says Mr. McDad.

Then exactly How much should i spend on a diamond for an engagement ring?

“Well, there is no one correct answer, however I would recommend selecting a diamond with the best cut and clarity that your budget allows. A well thought out diamond that speaks to the individual personality of your loved ones is much more meaningful than the largest and most expensive ring you can find, ”says Mr. McDad.

About The Diamond Concierge

Diamond Concierge Gold Coast diamond dealer Frankie McDad has been labeled the “King of Bling” after selling more than $ 58 million worth of diamonds in just two years of business. The Diamond Concierge was created in 2015 to provide customers with the highest quality diamond for their budget and now has thirty employees spread across Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong and Thailand.

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