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▷ 🥇 How to get the perfect wedding look

Finding the perfect wedding look is easier than it sounds. There is a set of rules and traditions that, if you know them, will help or facilitate many things. That is why we have decided to bring these traditions and norms together here, to free you from any anxiety when choosing what to wear to a wedding.

Unless expressly requested in the invitation, it is absolutely forbidden to attend a wedding in white. This color is reserved exclusively for the bride, and unless it is a chill-out wedding, where everyone usually dresses in white, it would be very bad taste to appear at a wedding dressed in white.

If the wedding is in the morning, women can choose a short dress, at the height of the knees, which will not be black, nor will it include sequins or rhinestones. Pastel colors, such as pink or light green, which are in fashion today, and floral prints will be perfect for the occasion.

As for accessories, you can choose to wear a discreet headdress or a hood. Men will be perfect in dark suits – black, navy blue or gray. The tie must be discreet. If it is a very elegant wedding, it is better to choose a jacket.

If you are invited to an evening wedding, women can choose a cocktail dress. At that time of day, sequins, sequins, and bright colors such as Red or Klein Blue will be allowed. You can also wear a low-key hat, but the hat will be out of place.

If you are invited to an evening wedding, women can wear a long dress, heels, and a handbag. For a formal wedding, men can choose a dark two-piece suit, a tuxedo or a crash.

If it is a casual wedding, on the beach, for example, men will be perfect in linen suits and women in flowing fabric dresses.

And despite all these tips, if you have any questions, the best thing you can do is call the couple and ask them directly for their opinion on your outfit. They, better than anyone else, will know how to talk to you about what they want.

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