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How to reduce your wedding budget
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▷ 🥇 How to reduce your wedding budget

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Marriage costs money, indeed, and even more these days. Every couple knows their budget, and it is sometimes difficult to stick to it. However, with these little tips, we will make it easier for you:

  • The first thing to do is narrow down the guest list as much as possible. Eliminate commitments and sincerely think about who you want to accompany you on this special day.
  • Shop around and shop around for the banquet until you find a menu that fits your budget. You can also choose something like a buffet, or just host a cocktail party if it’s a nightly wedding.
  • As for other large expenses, such as the photographer, you will see that many professionals offer you the possibility of giving you a DVD of all the photos they have taken instead of a luxury album. There are also packages that include pre-wedding and post-wedding, to help you save money without sacrificing the moments you would like to have in your photo.
  • As for the wedding dress, it is one of the main investments. If you choose a dress from an old collection or buy it in a store, you will probably get discounts and promotions. Another option is to buy your dress on the Internet, where the prices are more competitive. You can also choose to wear a dress that may not necessarily be a wedding dress, white, or the color that you prefer, as it will also be much cheaper.
  • Send electronic invitations to all your friends and guests who regularly use the Internet and print only those that you will send to elderly relatives or who do not have access to new technologies. And if you don’t want to give up on paper invitations, do it yourself! This will lower your cost and offer something much more personal to your friends.
  • Make your own gifts for the guests. There are many DIY ideas on the net that can help you. You can also do the same with many decorative elements such as thank you cards, the bride’s bouquet…. Besides being cheaper, it will be much more personal.

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