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▷ 🥇 Ideas and tips for your wedding animation

Wedding entertainment is a broad term. It can refer to the services of a DJ, a magician, but also a game organized by the bride and groom. Any activity that aims to occupy the wedding is considered entertainment.

If you do not feel comfortable with this type of activity or if you do not know anyone who does it, you can turn to a professional who offers you incredible services: music, entertainment, magic, fireworks, launching balloons, sounds and lights, shows for the general public, etc. These professional animations impress guests and allow you to personalize your wedding.

When it comes to amateur entertainment, you have a choice. Do you have musician friends? Do you like to sing or dance? Do you like games? Do you have a special gift to entertain the gallery?

Feel free to use your talents and those of your family and friends to fill the less busy moments of the day. Some activities can be continuous, for example, in the wine of honor, such as a photo corner decorated according to the theme of your wedding, where the guests can take photos, or a treasure hunt for the children or a balloon decoration workshop (Why not for the balloon launch to come later!).

Take advantage of the aperitif time, just before dinner, to play games or for the artistic performances of the guests (songs or others).

One of the great classics of games is the bride and groom game. The guests take turns asking the bride and groom questions, who must respond with the help of posters. The groom and the bride each have two signs in which “I” and “he” / “she” are written. This game is often surprising and will amuse both young and old alike. Feel free to create your own game or take inspiration from existing group games. Many activities are explained in detail on the Internet and guests will be delighted.

Photo 2: Rainbow Pyrotechnics

Photo 3: Animation of sound and light

Photo 4; Chris animation

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