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Ideas for an impeccable rustic wedding
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▷ 🥇 Ideas for an impeccable rustic wedding

Rustic-style weddings, held in a natural setting, often outdoors in the country, on a meadow or in the woods, near a farm or a beautiful inn, have become popular in recent years.

Its charm and unique character, with a decoration as natural as the place where they are held, make the couple dream and try to surprise their guests with an atmosphere that everyone appreciates. To simplify the search for rustic decoration ideas and make your wedding more original, we have put together a whole series of examples and tips corresponding to this style that borrows the most elegant elements of nature.

To avoid any errors in the design of your natural and rural scenery, you should reserve a reception area that is better adapted to the assembly of your great celebration. A country house, an old barn, a mill, a spacious inn far from any dwelling, your reception area will be ideal for the occasion if it is equipped with old-fashioned facilities and materials, exposed frames, old stones, earthenware and a beautiful wooden floor, among others.

This is where you can create beautiful decorations in the spirit of your celebration and themed corners where wood will be the dominant element. Beautiful rustic tables without tablecloths for the banquet, wine barrels for your honored wine, discs to show the way to your guests, as well as huge boxes and furniture for a beautiful and cozy photo booth, a ceremony in complete relaxation or presentation of a magnificent plan of tables with a bucolic air.

You will no doubt find restored antique wooden furniture (pine, oak) on site and, at home or at a flea market, materials that you can use to organize your relaxation and photo area, your banquet and your cocktail party.

Also consider clear, unbleached kraft paper for all small stationery accessories and various guest gifts such as welcome bags, candy containers, invitations, tags, and business cards. The jute and linen canvas and yarn will also help to emphasize the rustic style that will make your event beautiful.

Gather objects that symbolize working on the farm to complete your decoration: metal milk cans as vases for your wildflower arrangements, but also small iron buckets and watering cans, a wagon wheel hanging on the wall of your room just to decorate it or to create your seating plan, a fork and bales of hay installed in a corner of your banquet room to remind you of your theme, an old chalkboard on which you will write a fun or romantic message or an invitation to write a word on your guestbook.

The useful and the aesthetic are combined within your event and for this you must think about all these aspects. Take care of every detail to highlight your rustic theme. Of course, don’t forget your wedding style when choosing your wedding food menu – choosing local produce and planning a cheese bar – or when choosing your outfits, beautiful and chic but above all relaxed, of course.

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