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Ivory or white for the wedding dress
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▷ 🥇 Ivory or white for the wedding dress

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Marriage is a ceremony surrounded by many traditions. One of them wants the bride to marry in white, a symbol of purity and virginity. Today, customs are changing; And while many women still choose to marry in a white dress, others choose derivatives such as cream white, off white, Spanish white, champagne, ecru, or ivory.

These different shades are soft and delicate and perfectly match the atmosphere of a wedding. The problem is that when faced with such a wide choice, it is sometimes difficult to orient yourself. Here we give you several arguments to help you decide between pure white and ivory.

A white dress

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In our society, white is a symbol of purity and innocence. It is the usual color for wedding dresses. In addition, it is an option that perfectly suits those who want a classic wedding. If you want to respect the traditions to the letter, the white dress is essential.

White is particularly flattering on matte skin. Highlight the golden complexion. It is also a great ally for your wedding photos. In fact, this color captures light like no other, for lively and joyful shots.

For a winter wedding, the white dress is ideal. In fact, if you get married surrounded by snow, your suit will enhance the decoration. On the other hand, an ivory dress can look a bit yellowish if it is surrounded by white. Think about it also during the decoration phase!

The white wedding dress is timeless. By choosing it, you are sure not to make a mistake and choose a timeless model that suits any type of atmosphere.

An ivory dress

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Ivory is a derivative of white that turns creamy. It is a slightly yellowish white with gray tips. This option differs a bit from the traditional wedding dress but stays close to the classic model. If you are not afraid to change your habits, do not hesitate to bet on this tone.

Ivory is particularly good for fair skin. If white isn’t your best friend, ivory can enhance your complexion. Say goodbye to the tone-on-tone effect between your skin and your dress!

Ivory also allows you to slightly refine and especially soften the silhouette. In fact, white tends to bring out all of our little flaws. Ivory is a pastel color that reduces these small details that tend to make us feel uncomfortable.

Ivory wedding dresses are, like all faux whites, very fashionable today. If you are a decidedly modern bride and you like to follow fashion and its latest innovations, then go for an original shade for your clothes for the big day.

the importance of accesories

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Whatever color you have in mind, it is essential to make various accessories. You may feel that a white dress will enhance you more, while ivory will suit you better and vice versa.

The difference in color between the two is particularly subtle and sometimes almost imperceptible in the artificial light of a store. Feel free to observe your dress and make your adjustments in daylight to see how your outfit looks, and how the selected color captures the light and highlights your face and figure.

And you, what color are you going to vote for? White or ivory? We look forward to hearing from you!

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