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▷ 🥇 Know how to decipher champagne labels

Champagne is such a famous drink that it would be a bit difficult to imagine a wedding without champagne! However, buying this drink can be a bit difficult when you don’t know much about it and want to offer it to your guests.

In order to help you and guide you in your choice, we have prepared an article that will help you recognize at first glance the correct label from the wrong label!

  • Make sure that the word “champagne” appears clearly on the bottle label, as this guarantees a controlled appellation of origin and therefore a certain quality. Be wary of “champagne methods” and other ways of avoiding the word.
  • In one corner of the label, you will find the professional category which is also an interesting indication, trust the acronyms RM, SR, NM (respectively Harvester Manipulator, Company of Harvesters and Trader Manipulant).
  • Lastly, also check if you can see the producer’s name on the label. If not, consider choosing another champagne.

Finally, some labels can be much more comprehensive and provide you with much more information, such as the composition of the grape variety, the location of the strain, and even tasting notes. In this case, be sure to deal with a producer committed to a quality approach!

All you have to do is choose the most beautiful flutes to toast your happiness!

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