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Lace or satin wedding dress
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▷ 🥇 Lace or satin wedding dress?

Vincent Van Loyen

The fabric of the wedding dress largely defines its style, and determines the weight and the fall that it will have. Lace and satin are two of the main fabrics in many collections of wedding dress designers; you will find many of them designed with these materials when you make your first adjustments. If you’re still not sure what type of dress you want, here is some information to help you decide.

About satin

  • Satin wedding dresses shine especially, whatever the light.

Photograph by Marly Meghelli

  • It is a very light and tight fabric that enhances the feminine silhouette: satin underlines every curve of the body. Ideal for women without complexes!

T&G history

  • Usually very sensual, satin dresses inevitably remind us of the 1940s and 1950s and Hollywood movie stars. Perfect for a wedding with a movie theme, the United States or the 50s, and in particular civil and urban weddings. They will also be suitable for beach ceremonies due to their light weight.

Vincent Van Loyen

  • The small drawback of satin: this fabric is very delicate and tends to wrinkle easily, which can happen when you sit and lift many times; information to take into account when making your choice, as you will have to be especially careful.

About the lace

  • Lace is one of the most used fabrics in wedding dresses, and it is used in many different ways, whether for the entire model, for parts such as the sleeves or the bust, or for a few details, for example, in the skirt.

  • Lace is a fundamentally romantic fabric that can be used to create a sexy and innocent look, depending on how it is used: it can be used to decorate a neckline, halter or sleeves with elegant transparency effects and sometimes even a tattoo effect as well. as to stylize the silhouette.

Patrice dorizon

  • It suits both winter brides who want to be well covered and beautiful in both long models, as well as summer brides in lighter models, who want to discover their bodies with subtlety.

Vincent Van Loyen

  • Lace, which is a fabric a little less close to the body than satin, will allow you to hide some imperfections, as long as it is not too thick due to embossing, which would produce the opposite effect.
  • The Little Lace Plane: This fabric is heavier than satin. So make sure you are really comfortable in a dress made mostly of lace to make sure you can move comfortably on D-Day. Otherwise, go for a model with a little less lace, combined with lighter fabrics like tulle.

So, lace or satin?

Sylvain Beauval

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