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List of the 50 most popular wedding themes
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▷ 🥇 List of the 50 most popular wedding themes

Defining the theme of the wedding is probably the first step in organizing your ceremony. This will allow you to decorate your wedding in a coherent and harmonious way. So before thinking about the wedding bouquet, first think about the atmosphere and staging of an original wedding. Here is a list of the most popular wedding themes:

Nature theme

Happy people

Weddings around the theme of nature are the most popular, they refer more generally to the decoration of a country wedding, but for a little more originality here are some more specific ideas:

  • 1. Birds
  • 2. Flowers
  • 3. butterflies
  • 4. The stars
  • 5. The sea / the beach
  • 6. The mountain
  • 7. The seasons
  • 8. Hunting / Fishing

Geography theme

Hey Degust

Choosing a city, region, or country as your theme can be a great way to get your guests traveling. For example, if you are passionate about everything that has to do with the East, why not opt ​​for an oriental wedding decoration? If you are attached to your roots, if you have foreign origins or if you have had a crush during a visit to a country or a city abroad, these topics are for you:

  • 9. A region
  • 10. A city
  • 11. A country
  • 12. Exoticism / the tropics

Passion theme

Photograph by Eric Cunha

If you want a tailor-made wedding, dare to highlight one of your passions and share it with your guests. Display your hobbies everywhere in the reception area through a beautiful wedding room decoration, always in accordance with the chosen theme. It can be:

  • 13. The cinema
  • 14. Music
  • 15. Dance
  • 16. Photography
  • 17. Reading / Poetry
  • 18. IT
  • 19. Astrology
  • 20. Board games

Sports theme

Lauren Kim-Minn

Sport can also be an original wedding theme. Whether you practice it or love it, it remains rich and unconventional. You will also notice that sports can be easily combined with other more classic and romantic themes, so you will have more possibilities when it comes to imagining the decoration of your wedding table. The spirit of ringette and rugby go well together, but you can come up with all kinds of associations to enhance the beauty of your party spaces.

  • 21. Rugby
  • 22. Soccer
  • 23. The motorcycle / The car
  • 24. Riding a horse

Gourmet theme

Natacha event

If you are a gourmet, you can choose a delicacy that you like very much and share it with your guests. Sweet centerpieces, an original wedding cake urn, a candy bar and sugared almonds for your guests, you will have no trouble finding ideas that match your most gourmet desires. However, here are some ways to refine your theme:

  • 25. Sweets
  • 26. Spices
  • 27. Chocolate
  • 28. Fruits / Vegetables
  • 29. Wines

Historical theme

Rachel Photography

If you are passionate about history, your wedding can be an opportunity to introduce your guests to a significant historical period. Beautiful decor and funky wedding sets are to be expected on D-Day, but be careful to stay consistent with your chosen period.

  • 30. The Roaring Twenties
  • 31. The Middle Ages
  • 32. Ancient Greece
  • 33. The 80s
  • 34. The Sun King

Literary or film theme

Honorine NJ Photographer

Literature and cinema are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. You can get original wedding photos of a decor designed to match your favorite movies. Choose the genre that looks like you:

  • 35. Disney
  • 36. Magic
  • 37. Science fiction
  • 38. The west

Collector’s Item Theme

Lyat art

If you are collectors, your wedding is an opportunity for you to show your collection to your guests. Show your passions to the whole world through a beautiful themed decoration and think of wedding animations related to the objects you collect.

  • 39. Perfumes
  • 40. Watches
  • 41. Feathers
  • 42. Precious stones
  • 43. Stamps
  • 44. Toys

Leisure theme

Velvet date

The entertainment areas are perfect for a festive wedding. If you opt for an unusual reception area, you will easily find inspiration to create an original atmosphere. Take advantage of your chosen setting to find fun and unusual wedding game ideas.

  • 45. The cabaret
  • 46. ​​The circus
  • 47. Safari
  • 48. The carnival

Concept theme

Plagnes Domain

For the bride and groom who love symbols, the wedding decoration can also include an abstract concept such as ..:

Now it’s up to you to decide which topic is best for you. Depending on your choice, you can start thinking about the composition of your wedding invitations. In this way, you can logically coordinate your wedding theme with the different elements of your ceremony. You can continue in the same way for the wedding speech by placing love quotes that refer to your theme.

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