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▷ 🥇 Mademoiselle’O collection 2020: a breath of romance and delicacy

Miss O ‘

In the 1960s, a boutique specialized in wedding dresses was opened in Paris. His name: O’Scarlett. The brand became a multi-brand company and extended its services throughout France.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, O’Scarlett has decided to launch her own wedding dress brand to get back to the basics of her business: Mademoiselle’O. Since then, each new year has been accompanied by a beautiful collection.


Twelve dresses, not one more

In an age of standardized manufacturing, an increasingly productive and competitive fashion market, Mademoiselle’O is more committed to quality than quantity.

This brand is the result of a real desire to get back to O’Scarlett’s basics and, of course, to bring to life the passion for wedding dresses that drives Laura, stylist Sabine, boutique manager Parisian and all those who are involved in the success of this beautiful line of formal wear.


Thus, each season gives birth to only a limited number of white dresses, in order to offer brides the highest quality clothing, each with a unique story and personality. This is the case again this year with a careful selection of twelve dresses with evocative names.

Two keywords: lightness and movement

This season, many of Mademoiselle’O’s dresses are named after a dance move or a reference to this discipline. The creator of these wedding dresses is inspired by the beauty and lightness of the movements of the great dancers, whether they are classical, contemporary or flamenco.


As usual, Mademoiselle’O combines traditional and modern influences, fashion past and present, to create models of timeless elegance that satisfy the desires of today’s women.

Thanks to noble, flexible and fine materials, white dresses are both structured and light, conforming to the shape of the body without ever limiting it, sublimating the bride’s silhouette and leaving her free to move. This is the case, for example, of the Flamenco model with its spaghetti straps or the charming Histoire d’amour dress.


Cuts, embroidery and transparencies: the art of detail

If the dresses in the 2020 collection present a simple aesthetic, worn down by classic cuts such as the A-line or straight lines, it is without counting on the meticulous work of cuts, cuts and other romantic ornamental additions, which make each model a unique garment. .

All the modernity of the Mademoiselle’O 2020 line lies in the daring cuts in the skirts, such as the Sissone dress or the Akalat model, high slits covered with a modest transparent veil, another recurring feature of this clothing line.


The cuts are also found on the model caps and especially on the back. Whether you prefer the rounded shape of the arabesque dress, the romantic halter of the Dingue de toi dress, or the original triangles of the Polka dot dress, you will necessarily be seduced by one of these options.


Thanks to her mastery of embroidery, the Mademoiselle’O designer sublimates her outfits with subtle additions of lace, guipure and feathers. The dresses are decorated with strips of fabric that play with transparencies and floral embroidery.

These horizontal lines are found at the waist, as in the Contretemps, Sissone and Swan models. In the latter there are also strips of embroidered fabric on the sleeves for a poetic result.


Always on the lookout for trends in bridal fashion, the collection designer takes up the trendy motif of ruffled sleeves and brings an extra touch of lightness and romance to suits from Piqué, Contretemps and Du matin.


After discovering this collection, make an appointment without further delay at one of the O’Scarlett stores to try on your favorite model from the Mademoiselle’O 2020 collection!

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