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▷ 🥇 Maison Isor: a renowned jeweler at the service of your D-day

House of the Isor

If there is a piece of jewelry whose purchase represents an important milestone in our lives, it is the engagement ring. With a beating heart, we go to our jewelry store in hopes of finding the ring that best symbolizes our promise of love before choosing wedding rings for eternity.

When you turn to an expert in the jewelry industry, they will guide you in choosing rings that will remind you of your commitment while sublimated. This is the mission that the Maison Isor has set and accomplished with talent for more than 35 years.

Isor House

A range of weddings at the best price

Maison Isor offers a wide range of engagement and wedding rings in yellow, white or rose gold.

Among them, gold rings are made of 18 karat (750/1000) gold, instead of the 9 karat commonly used, in order to provide the highest quality and durability to your wedding jewelry.

To do this, Maison Isor uses palladium white gold, a noble metal alloy that preserves the white of the gold over the years, without turning yellow.

Isor House

Maison Isor offers the best friends of precious stones the Diamond Wedding range, made up of alliances and solitaires created by a specialized designer, in its Parisian offices.

To offer the bride jewelery of unrivaled quality and beauty, the company creates jewelery set with diamonds from A to Z, which is based exclusively on French know-how and craftsmanship.

House of the Isor

Your jeweler also offers the Joa Collection, a range of affordable zirconium oxide jewelery set on 18 karat gold, solitaires and classic wedding rings, enhanced with some creative touches for a jewelery that is both timeless and in tune with the times. .

Maison Isor offers an unbeatable value for money thanks to its experts who select the most beautiful metals at the best price. This is the case, in particular, of diamonds, negotiated at the best price without compromising the quality of at least F VS, that is, a white and intense purity.

A renowned jeweler in the heart of Paris

If the Maison Isor opened its first boutique in Barbès in 1985 and has been successful since then, it is because over the years it has managed to combine two essential qualities: maintaining the high standards of the beginning and constantly renewing itself.

Located in the historic jewelers quarter of Paris, this jeweler guarantees you exceptional know-how thanks to the meticulous control granted at all stages of the design and manufacture of your jewelery.

He has worked directly with alloy manufacturers for over 30 years. All their jewelry will be handcrafted in the Maison Isor workshops, whose reputation leads these artisans to offer their services to other designers and major brands in the sector.

Isor House

The customer at the center of attention

Maison Isor, is finally and above all a welcome, a listening, a wise advice to allow you to find the perfect rings, symbols of your love.

Make an appointment on their site and take advantage of exceptional services like custom manufacturing of diamond jewelry that only looks like you. You will have the opportunity to meet consultants, gemology specialists, a modeler, a whole team to help you design the jewels of your dreams before the launch of the manufacturing process in the Maison Isor workshops.

Another advantage, and not the least, is that you set the price! Announce your budget from the beginning and the team of jewelery professionals will propose you to create a unique ring respecting your means. From a blank sheet of paper, you will imagine the ring of your life thanks to true experts, always listening to you.

House of the Isor

The offers that you cannot miss!

Your jeweler offers you ring resizing up to 15 days after your store visit, jewelry engraving, as well as a lifetime warranty on your engagement rings and wedding rings.

In addition, you can benefit from an additional discount: up to 30% on all products until October 21, 2021.

Please note that for any purchase of € 1500 minimum, the wedding ring is free.

Isor House

La Maison Isor considers it a privilege to receive you and share the emotions of your great event. The jewelery representatives will always be delighted to welcome you and accompany you on this great project!

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