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▷ 🥇 Man Bun: the bun for the groom, a new trend

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Your partner already has her beautiful wedding dress in her hands. You even took a big step forward by gathering shoes, jewelry, and even a bridal bouquet, while you’re still hesitating between two or three wedding outfits. So, it’s time to speed up and catch up!

To help you do it, we propose in this article an original hairstyle idea that you may like and allow you to find your style to celebrate your wedding day in the right way.

You who like to be on the cutting edge of fashion will probably be interested in knowing a little more about the men’s bun or the men’s bun. Let’s do it! Let’s do it!

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The men’s bun, a fashionable hairstyle

If women have been using muffins of all kinds for hundreds of years, especially on D-Day, then men are no longer left behind. Formerly reserved for athletes for its practicality, the bun is now displayed on the podiums of the biggest fashion shows and on the street, on top of the most fashionable skulls.

Men are daring more and more to this type of hairstyle, which is associated with women, because the current fashion is long hair and looks that are both rebellious and clean on the masculine side. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, many actors have been inspired by this trend.

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Who is this hairstyle for?

To choose a wedding bun, you must, of course and above all, have a certain length of hair. If not, you have a few months to grow your hair out and give yourself a modern look! But make sure this style looks good on you, because long hair doesn’t necessarily suit everyone.

As for the nature of your hair, it can be of any type. While thick hair offers many possibilities and curls that are particularly successful thanks to the density of the material available to the hairdresser, thinner and straighter hair can also consider this type of hairstyle.

The man bun is above all a question of style, although this one is not unique. The man bun is found in simple and natural men, with a casual look like the surfwear style. The man bun is also used by hipsters, long hair with a beard is very fashionable.

Lastly, the men’s bun can be a particularly chic and glamorous accessory, as long as you keep your hair well-disciplined, and therefore also befitting those who are considering an elegant white wedding suit for their big day.

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What shape of muffin to choose for D-day?

Are you convinced by the style of men’s buns? All you have to do is find the one that best suits your style and, of course, your wedding dress. If you’ve opted for a country wedding décor, and a laid-back vibe, go for the casual bun, the hair returned naturally to the back of the skull and carelessly tied with an elastic band.

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A hipster style

Choose a high bun by pinning all your hair to the top of your head without trying to get a perfect result, your hairstyle should look natural or even slightly tousled.

The half bun

If you have beautiful hair, well hydrated and shiny, and of sufficient length, why not go for the half bun? Here we will tie part of your hair in height while the other part will fall back along the neck or even the shoulders.

The chic bun

Finally, for men looking for a chic bun to match their beautiful blue wedding dress, we recommend straight, straight hair, straightened, pulled back at the nape and adorned with gel for a flawless and refined result.

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When it comes to wedding hairstyles, men are not short of options, but you still need to know them. Fortunately, there is more and more information on this topic today. The same goes for wedding makeup, which, far from being reserved for women, can also help men reduce their minor mistakes.

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