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Marie and Cedrics wedding on the theme of Alice
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▷ 🥇 Marie and Cédric’s wedding on the theme of Alice in Wonderland

* Thanks to Marie for her testimony and to her guests, Romain Cottard, and to her photographer Guenièvre Suryous for all these wonderful photos!

  • Why did you choose the Alice in Wonderland theme for your wedding?

We are both huge fans of Tim Burton, and for us the Alice in Wonderland universe is a perfect reflection of his dark and eccentric world. Also, we found that Alice’s wacky and wacky side would add a fun touch to the decor.

  • How did you find your dress, makeup artist and hairdresser? What were your beauty picks?

For the dress, I found it at Elsa Gary’s house with my mother in the wedding hall. I hadn’t seen it on the hanger at all, it was only when we saw a girl trying it on that we both got to put on makeup As for makeup, I wasn’t necessarily looking for something highly sought after. So I trusted my sister-in-law who lives in Ireland and who is used to doing the whole family for special occasions, for the hairdresser it is a very small salon on the ground floor of my parents’ house (practical for D-day). I showed her pictures of the dress and we immediately found what she wanted.

  • How did you organize the photo booth session?

For the photo booth, I found an old frame in my parents’ basement. It was then that I had the idea to paint it gold and pose on it. We just took it with us on D-Day to the wine of honor, put it in a corner and let people take it for them to drink it with us.

  • Organizing an outdoor wedding involves …… (material, decoration, things to plan, etc.)

We were very afraid of the rain because we were organizing the wine of honor in the house of my husband’s parents, who have a large garden but a small house, so it was impossible to bring everyone in case of rain…. We borrow two large barns from the neighbors. We installed one to protect the buffet and put the other aside just in case, and thankfully we didn’t have to use it.

  • What steps did you take to release the balloons?

At first we wanted to leave the Thai lanterns in the restaurant, but we couldn’t because the edges of the marl are a sheltered place. So we fell back on the balloon launch. I had to write to the police in the city where the release took place, specifying the time of the release and the number of balloons. Then I ordered the balloons, bolducs, plastic closures (to prevent people who inflate the balloons from having to tie knots by hand), and rented a helium tank from a rental site in the Paris region. We then prepared the balloons by placing a piece of bolducs on each plastic buckle so that on D-day it would do a little less work for our guests. 3-4 friends already at the scene inflated all the balloons on D-day and attached them to strings stretched at the bottom of the garden between two peaks. It gave a very good effect. Then I recruited two of my friends to distribute the balloons to the guests.

  • Your husband gave you a speech! Did you get involved in the wedding preparations?

We saw together from the beginning what we wanted (we are both fans of the theme so we didn’t have too much trouble agreeing). Then I took care of the ‘practical’ things (creating menus, etc.) because I have more time than him for that. Our parents were also very involved on both sides to create the design of the table at the entrance of the room, the decoration of the honor wine, etc.

  • You even called a wizard!

We met this magician at a company dinner and fell in love right away. As we saved some expenses (makeup artist, photographer) we took the liberty of visiting it because it really fit the theme. He passed between the tables during the meal to work magic up close under the noses of the guests.

  • When did you do the umbrella dance?

We did this dance once the dance started. We started dancing around midnight and some people started hanging out around 00:30, so we decided to start the umbrella dance at that time so that no one would miss it.

  • Was this day as you imagined it?

Yes, even if it happened very fast and apart from the huge traffic jams that were around Paris that day. As a result, we started the couple’s photos at 2pm (honor wine start time), but since everyone was late, we didn’t have to wait too long for our guests.

  • Are you going on your honeymoon?

Let’s celebrate Christmas and New Years in New York City * Discover more wedding photo reports!

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