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Do you want to organize an original wedding inspired by the best of the bridal sphere of each culture? Or are you just curious to know what are the rituals and customs of our neighboring or distant countries in terms of wedding games, decoration, clothing, etc.? In France, a land of traditions, marriages have been celebrated for so many years that over time customs have been established that are passed down from generation to generation. We are not an exception in this regard. Many other countries also have their own habits when it comes to marrying two people.

A brief summary of wedding traditions around the world and religions.

In England

Not all the wedding cake is consumed on the same day. The bride and groom keep the upper floor and freeze it until the birth of their first child. Then they will use it as their baptismal cake.

In the U.S

It is customary to organize a rehearsal dinner with family members the day before the wedding. This allows the two families to meet or get to know each other better, and take stock together to make sure everyone has understood their role.

In Sweden

Every time the bride or groom leaves the room, the guests can kiss the person who has remained in the room. If the groom is absent, all the men in the audience will be able to kiss the bride and vice versa.

In finland

The bride traditionally wears a gold crown. During the ceremony, she was blindfolded and her single friends danced around her. Then he will put his crown on the head of one of them.

In Morocco

The bride’s hands and feet are decorated with henna-painted motifs. The henna ceremony marks the transition from being a girl to being a wife. Moroccan brides are always accompanied by a Negafa, wedding planner and wedding dresser, the equivalent of a wedding planner.

Vincent Agnes

Jewish custom

One of the traditions of the Jewish bride and groom is to break a glass in memory of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The more glass shards there are, the more successful the wedding will be.

In Slovakia

This tradition is found in various forms in some countries like Slovakia, where guests break glasses that the bride and groom must collect as a good luck charm after the reception.

In Germany

These are not glasses but porcelain plates that are broken by the bride and groom’s relatives the day before their wedding to bring them luck! This tradition is known as Polterabend.

In Spain

It is customary for the groom to offer the bride a box with 13 gold pieces. These represent Jesus and the 12 apostles. The coins are blessed by the priest who gives them to the groom, who in turn gives them to the bride to let her know that he will take care of her.

In the netherlands

Unlike many other countries, tradition dictates that gifts are opened during the wedding reception.

In Russia

There is a custom of kidnapping the bride. During the celebration, the groom’s friends kidnap his wife. Then you have to undergo some tests to be able to find it.

In Greece

The bride begins to dance with her guests and they hang the tickets on her dress as offerings. The bride and groom will also perform another dance to thank and honor their guests.

In Greek Orthodox marriages, the bride and groom wear a crown connected to each other by a ribbon. This symbolizes the unity of your relationship. During the ceremony, your witnesses will exchange their crowns three times as a symbol of the spiritual bond that unites them.

In the czech republic

It is not rice but peas that the guests throw at the bride and groom when they leave the ceremony site.

In Mexico

The bride should not wear pearls on her wedding day, as each of them would represent a tear that she will shed once married.

Do you know any wedding custom from other places? We look forward to your contributions!

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