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Married what color to choose for your shoes
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▷ 🥇 Married: what color to choose for your shoes?

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Your half has already ordered her wedding dress. She knows what her D-day will look like from head to toe, from her wedding hairstyle to her shoes, from the jewelry to the veil. On your side, do you feel like you’re stuck? Of course, you have bought her wedding dress, but after that you don’t really know how to further develop your wedding look.

After the suit, the shoes. That is what your next step should be. And it is not insignificant. You must think carefully about the shape, style, material and color of your shoes if you want to present an elegant and refined look that matches your partner’s beautiful lace wedding dress!

Below is a small color guide to help you match your wedding dress with your shoes.

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In a black suit

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You have opted for a sober and elegant black suit, like a wedding dress. With this type of outfit, you won’t have fifteen color options. It is black shoes that are preferred here, although you can also dare to wear dark gray shoes if you want to provide a bit of contrast between shoes and pants, which is generally recommended, with the black suit being a special case.

With a blue suit

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Because you like to follow the latest trends, you have opted for a blue wedding dress, the most fashionable color in recent times. Beyond its modern and trendy look, the dark blue suit has the advantage of being easy to match. So you can choose black or brown shoes as well as gray shoes. If you prefer a light blue suit, then stick to brown shoes.

With a gray suit

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The gray wedding dress is still a popular choice. With a dark gray suit, we will opt for models of black shoes to make sure we are not wrong. If we opt for light gray, we can go to see the camel-colored shoes and all the brown ranges.

With a beige or white suit

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If you choose a white, beige or any other relatively neutral shade for your wedding dress, we tend to say that all shoe colors are allowed here. It all really depends on the desired effect.

For a strong contrast you can adopt black or brown shoes, but they are not always the most elegant options, everything will depend on the selected model. For a summer wedding theme and a light look, prefer white tennis shoes for a beige suit and vice versa.

In a casual outfit

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If you plan to wear more everyday clothes in an urban or country style instead of a suit, feel free to have fun with the color of your shoes, especially if you plan to wear tennis shoes or running shoes.

However, avoid too crazy color associations, your appearance should remain elegant. For example, look for pastel shades, both original and refined.

A wedding day means many hours of standing, wedding games, dances, and other solicitations of all kinds. In order to fully enjoy all your wedding entertainment, it is essential to feel comfortable in your shoes. If you choose new leather shoes, remember to wear them several times at home before the reception.

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