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▷ 🥇 Married: What does your astrological sign say about how you love?

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You are about to live an original and loving marriage with the person you have chosen for the rest of your life. The wedding invitations are sent, the reception venue is reserved, the vendor is informed, the wedding decorations are in place, all you need to do is put on your bridal clothes and voila!

Your love story is the result of the meeting of two people, two undoubtedly different but also complementary characters. Some people think that our astrological sign influences the way we love. Find out below your profile and see if it fits your reality!

Aries: passionate and enthusiastic love

The ram is a true seducer who is subject to love at first sight! Believe in love at first sight. The lover of rams is a passionate person who follows his impulses and instincts and can therefore act impulsively. Therefore, an original marriage proposal after only a few weeks of relationship should not be ruled out! The ram needs an intense and disproportionate love relationship, far from the daily routine.

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Taurus: sensual and possessive love

The bull is a romantic who loves naturally, appreciates simple displays of love and affection. You need tenderness. With it you can expect these little everyday attentions such as a bouquet of roses or a candlelight dinner. The bull is a sensual lover for whom carnal pleasure is very important. You need to feel safe and therefore can be possessive and even jealous.

Gemini: cerebral and imaginative love

Geminis are curious, communicative and entertaining people who love novelty and creativity. The routine feels very bad for them and they prefer the small and big surprises in life. The Gemini lover needs intellectual exchanges to be stimulated. You like to please, but you let yourself be guided more by reason than by feelings.

Cancer: sensitive love and blue flower

The cancer lover is a great romantic who does not stop choosing field bouquets by the thousands. He is also very sensitive and emotionally dependent, and constantly needs to be reassured and cuddled. Passions and disappointments are common in cancer. This sign can be fearful and worrying and will require a relationship in which little attentions are very present.

Leo: ardent and loyal love

The lion is a generous lover who loves with all his being and with strength. He is also a dominant character who needs to be admired and to feel admired. The lion is a faithful husband, a person you can count on. However, he can be quite inflexible, especially if you play with his confidence. The lion lover loves great values ​​and gives himself completely to the other person who, however, sometimes lacks emotions.

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Virgin: devout and idealistic love

The sign of the virgin is in perpetual search for perfect love and prefers to be alone rather than in bad company. The virgin lover analyzes the way of acting and the reactions of his partner and will easily be dissatisfied if they do not correspond to his expectations. He is a helpful and forgiving partner, someone who sometimes has a hard time giving everything he has and has many doubts.

Libra: harmonious and lucid love

If the lover knows how to be romantic and pronounce beautiful love texts, he remains rooted, guided by his lucidity. The balancing partner seeks a balanced and harmonious relationship in which charm and softness are present. Although it is not always easy to start a relationship with a balance, over time it can be very stable and rich in complicity.

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Scorpio: fiery and intense love

The scorpion lover is a passionate person. Your relationships and all your emotions must be intense. The scorpion has instinctual feelings and is never lacking in enthusiasm. He is in search of an absolute and transcendent love. The Scorpio is a sensual and extremely jealous partner who, however, will be able to stabilize with the right person.

Sagittarius: knowing and trusting love

The Sagittarius wants above all a simple and sincere love. You need mutual trust to be established in your relationship and you are constantly looking for complicity. Sagittarians do not like conflict or tension of any kind. He is a dynamic and friendly partner who will not stop getting involved in your marriage!

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Capricorn: deep and practical love

Capricorn is a relatively rational sign. It may seem inaccessible because, far from turning on, it controls your emotions and impulses. However, the Capricorn is worth it because when he loves, it is forever! If your feelings are weird, they are also real and deep. Capricorn tends to have a black and white view of life and especially relationships.

Aquarius: free and hipster love

Aquarius loves adventure and does not like to feel controlled or under pressure. You need a busy social life and messy entertainment. Therefore, wedding events should not be missing from the program! The Aquarius lover loves in an original and unconventional way, he has problems with stability and a love story usually begins for him with a friendship story.

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Pisces: dreamy and fusion love

The fish is a great dreamer that lives in its bubble and expects great love. He is extremely romantic and sensitive, has a deeply altruistic character and is completely devoted to his partner, for whom he is capable of making great sacrifices. The fish is emotional and therefore needs to feel that its love is reciprocal and appreciated, to feel valued by the loved one.

While giving your wedding appreciation speech, why not take a look at your two astrological signs? A humorous wedding speech will always be more enjoyable for your guests to hear.

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