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Married which Disney princess are you
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▷ 🥇 Married, which Disney princess are you?


“They got married, lived happily ever after, and had many children. “As a child, you may have dreamed of the same fate as fairytale princesses, marrying their prince charming after facing multiple difficulties. If your wedding is coming up, it is because you too have found your soulmate. Between the wedding invitations to send and the speeches to write, preparation is not easy. How about giving yourself a playful and magical break before starting to choose your wedding decoration, so that you can go back to childhood with our test?

Romantic, adventurous, generous, Disney princesses have been role models for many girls. But on the day of your ceremony, with your beautiful wedding dress and with your bouquet in hand, you will be the princess. An opportunity to discover, with this test, which Disney heroine you are most like.

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