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▷ 🥇 Navy Blue: 30 irresistible ideas for your wedding decoration

Choosing your wedding dress can keep you busy for a few weeks or even months! You are indeed committed to finding the perfect outfit for your wedding ceremony. Similarly, your spouse will also want to wear a wedding outfit that matches the event. To enhance the costumes of the newlyweds, it is also important to think about the wedding decoration in which they will evolve dresses with their light clothes!

Today we suggest you take a closer look at a color that is gradually becoming part of wedding receptions: navy blue or navy blue. Here is for you a gallery of images and some tips to welcome this beautiful blue on your wedding day.

Why choose navy blue?

Navy blue or navy blue is above all a good alternative to black for a chic wedding theme. If black can look a bit sad for a wedding, navy is an equally elegant and slightly more festive option.

Navy blue can be a good compromise when you are married and when you disagree. If one of you does not identify with the powder pink, the anise green or the fire truck red preselected for the decoration of the wedding room, the navy blue will be that tone that will unite everyone, refined, modern and romantic at the same time. if they know how to associate it correctly.

Navy blue also allows you to depart from the most dominant trends of the moment, the decoration of weddings in the country and the cake in the lead. Be original by choosing a trendy color that will cost you nothing to find in magazines.

What theme should be associated with this color?

Tempted by navy blue, but not sure if you can find a theme for your wedding table décor? Keep in mind that the marina can blend into a wide variety of environments.

We immediately thought about the sea theme, which will allow you to easily add a few touches of navy blue to your tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces or stationery designs related to the great blue. An evening wedding also lends itself perfectly to this color, in the same way as an elegant reception at the hotel or the themes of travel, surfing and other water sports where the navy blue will symbolize the ocean.

What complementary colors?

There are many possible color associations around navy blue. It is up to you to choose them according to the desired atmosphere. To soften the navy blue and create a romantic atmosphere, we suggest grayish blue and pale pink. To wake up this dark color, pair it with coral and some hints of gold. You can also replace coral with green water.

Are you looking for a sober and chic atmosphere? Turn into light gray and copper decorative objects. Lastly, don’t forget to add candles to bring light to your navy blue like a starry sky.

When you choose a dominant color for your wedding reception, it should be reflected in many accessories. Don’t forget your outfit by slipping the navy blue into your bridal bouquet or through a little accessory for your wedding hairstyle.

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