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Neon makeup trend for D day with or without moderation
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▷ 🥇 Neon makeup trend for D-day: with or without moderation?

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You’ve been browsing articles on the web for weeks looking for the latest trends in bridal fashion. You want to find a fashionable wedding dress that will enhance you perfectly and a fashionable wedding hairstyle that will make you the queen of the night! When it comes to looking, you know it’s all about details and don’t forget to take a look at the different types of wedding makeup available.

Since no news escapes you, you’ve probably already heard of neon makeup. If this term is still a mystery to you, read on and discover with us this trend born on Instagram.

What is neon makeup?

Neon makeup is a makeup technique developed by French artist Marion Moretti aka Marion Caméléon. This beauty professional has developed a method that consists of applying colored eye or mouth shadows on a dark foundation to obtain a fluorescent or neon effect.

If you are looking for an idea for wedding makeup related to the 80s theme, you will love this very pop aesthetic! Neon makeup offers a bright and even fluorescent image, fun, original and festive, allowing you to create all kinds of shapes and designs in line with your wedding theme.

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Adapt this trend to your wedding makeup

This makeup technique is not easy to master and ideally ask a professional makeup artist to take care of this beauty enhancement for you and tailor it to your wishes. Maybe you prefer a more understated version of this trend for your D-day. Talk about it and try different colors as you try them.

Striking eye color

As for the technique itself, the most used technique is to first apply a dark base on the eyelids. We start with a dark eyeshadow (eg purple). Then a line is drawn with a liquid white eyeliner around the eyes. Finally, this white line of the eyeliner is covered with the desired color using, for example, an eyeliner or a colored blush.

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A neutral complexion

You can do your neon wedding makeup on a neutral base. After working on the complexion and applying the necessary concealers, you can trace a shape with the white eyeliner directly onto the brow bone before covering it with bright colors. There are cosmetics called “neon” ideal for this type of practice and fluorescent water-based paints for real neon makeup.

Ferrari Canela Makeup

Pop lips

On the lips, it is possible to apply a colored eyeshadow first before applying a line of body paint with a fine brush, like neon pink, for example. We will wait until the first layer of makeup is dry before applying the second and avoid using too much product to protect against a cracking effect.

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How to integrate this trend in your marriage?

You are seduced by this idea but do not know exactly how to use it on your wedding day? The important thing is to find the right moment! If we advise you not to wear this type of makeup in the morning before going to the ceremony, neon makeup may be a good idea for your wedding entertainment to share with your friends.

Create a makeup where your guests can enjoy the skills of a professional who will complete their look for the day with a little neon makeup. This wedding animation can take place during the cocktail party or at the end of the meal for a colorful and festive evening and original wedding photos on the dance floor!

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When it comes to beauty, accessories will be your allies. A bridal bouquet will give your look all the freshness necessary for this type of event. Does a bouquet of red roses seem too classic? Keep in mind that there is no shortage of creative options for wedding flower arrangements.

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