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Organize a bachelorette party
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▷ 🥇 Organize a bachelorette party

Your group of friends would surely like to prepare you for a day full of emotions made up of all kinds of sports activities, costumes to wear with pride on the street and other celebrations.

But on your side, just thinking about it makes you nervous! Very little for you to climb branches or learn to surf or ride a horse. You don’t like the idea of ​​having to wear a ridiculous suit in the middle of town.

Well, you should know that what is similar to a somewhat unpleasant session for some people is not mandatory. In fact, you are the bride to be, so it is up to you to decide what you want.

If nothing can please you more than a small committee meeting in a cozy interior, we present the solution to all your problems: the bachelorette party!

This American tradition derived from baby showers consists of gathering your best friends for a good snack in a cocooning environment. Are you convinced? Do you want to organize your bachelorette party? That’s the way to do it.

1 – Tell your friends

Before your friends start booking a go-kart circuit, make it clear that you want to enjoy a cozy afternoon with them instead of overly dangerous activities.

2 – Choose your formula

The bachelorette party comes in different forms. You can choose a brunch, a good way to mix sweet and savory if you are a fan of both. You can also choose the snack formula for a 100% regressive and sweet moment! You can also imagine a lunch, although the bridal shower is usually an informal gathering around a buffet or a coffee table surrounded by chairs.

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3 – Set a date

Arrange with your maid of honor in charge to arrange a date that is convenient for all of you. It is better to do it in advance so that all your friends are free. This type of event is usually organized between 6 and 8 weeks before the wedding.

4 – Find the right place

You can organize your bachelorette party at home. In this case, your loved ones will bring the necessary items: food, drinks and small gifts. One of your friends can also suggest the living room. This option will make it easier for your friends to set up the venue and customize it before you arrive. Most often, it is the bride’s witness who is in charge of welcoming everyone to her home.

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5 – Choose a topic

This step is not mandatory. However, if you have favorite colors, a cult movie that has always made you dream, or a favorite type of food, you can specify a theme that will guide the purchases of your loved ones. For example, you can imagine a breakfast in the Tiffany’s setting for your gathering.

6 – Raise funds

In principle, you do not have to worry about the budget for this small event. Their relatives will agree among themselves to pay the expenses of this day between the girls: decoration, supplies, but also small gifts to offer to the bride during the day.

Again, it is usually your witness and the bridesmaids who will take care of everything for you. If you have specified certain wishes from the beginning, they will be applied to follow them. If nothing has been specified, it is common to find cakes such as muffins and other colored cupcakes, cream flakes, candies, sandwiches and other snacks at these types of events.

8 – Organize some games

The bride’s witnesses can plan a test by preparing personal questions about the bride: her youth, her family, her tastes, her hobbies, etc. This is an opportunity to laugh together and remember good memories. You can also start a role play or bring a counselor home for a cooking, yoga, or massage class!

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