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Organize your wedding from your smartphone
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▷ 🥇 Organize your wedding from your smartphone

Every day, you spend a lot of time on public transportation to and from work, turning this wasted time into productive time to organize your original or more traditional wedding. This will allow you to go ahead with your wedding preparations, even if you only spend 10 minutes a day. From wedding invitations, decoration to choosing your outfit for the big day, everything is gathered in this same application.

Once at home, you can organize your wedding without too much effort, with your smartphone in hand. You can request quotes from different providers, share experiences with community members, and read interesting articles that will inspire you for your wedding theme, for example.

With the application (for Iphone and Android), you will see that you will advance faster in the organization of your wedding and in a more pleasant and fun way. Let’s see how you can take advantage of this application and get the most out of it:

Your profile

The profile you create on will be the starting point for organizing your wedding. In fact, you will inform all the information that concerns you and especially the information about your wedding. On your profile, a countdown to the big day will be visible as soon as you enter the application.

From this account you can send quotes and also participate in the largest wedding community in France to share and discuss wedding planning.

Also, feel free to add a profile picture to your account, it’s nicer to be able to put a face on the people you’re talking to, isn’t it?

Your service providers

You will have the possibility to access a very important database of service providers throughout France. You can do your research according to the type of services you need and also according to your region.

You will be able to choose your wedding providers from your mobile because the application has the same options as on the computer, that is, general information, frequently asked questions, photos, recommendations, etc.

The little extra about the smartphone app will be that you can email the service providers of your choice directly, but you can also call them directly.

Your wedding planner

The wedding planner is the same on the computer, with the difference that you can take it wherever you want. The different functions are:

  • Task scheduling: You take advantage of your free time to record the tasks you have done.
  • Service providers: You can keep track of the different quotes you have requested.
  • The guest list: You can modify your list every day to start placing them on the seating chart.
  • The budget: You can enter the global budget that you want to dedicate to your wedding, and the budget calculator will assign the budget for each item. It is fully customizable, you can add and remove categories, update expenses and payments daily.

Your wedding blog

Your wedding blog will truly be the direct interface with your guests. You can keep them informed by editing your blog with all the changes you can make and all the information about your wedding.

Thanks to the wedding blog, you will be able to see which guests have responded to your wedding invitation.

The novelty of the wedding blog is that now you can personalize it by choosing between 80 design themes, new fonts, new colors,….

What is your favorite subject?

The raffle

How about you receive 2000 euros to organize your wedding? That would be nice, right? So don’t hesitate and take part in the raffle for a chance to win this sum. Nothing easier: ask for coupons from the suppliers you have requested, either to visit them, sign with them or recommend them.

In the application, you will have access to the rules of the draw: how to obtain coupons, how to recommend a service provider,…. You will also have access to all the winners of the raffles from previous editions.

Ideas and inspirations

If you are looking for ideas to make your wedding unforgettable, you will find everything you need in the articles in the Ideas section. Every day, you can read new articles from your smartphone.

In addition, thanks to the application, you will have access to the wedding community wherever and whenever you want. Isn’t it one of the biggest advantages? You will be able to respond instantly to the different discussions, you will not have to wait any longer to go home!

Once married, won’t you be glad that future brides are inspired by your marriage to make their own? To do this, you can create your wedding report, it will be of great help to the next ones on the list!

This application can be of great help in scheduling tasks and, in particular, where to start. In fact, if you tend to send original wedding invitations directly, you should first think about a big picture of the marriage. Think about your wedding games, the theme you want to assign to it and everything will come out of it.

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