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▷ 🥇 Original honor hedges – find inspiration!

The photos of your wedding dress are never enough! You also want to keep as many memories as possible of your partner in her beautiful wedding dress. That is why you have hired a photographer who will follow you through all the steps of your original wedding. If there is a moment in which the latter should not cease to immortalize, it is when your ceremony leaves!

Whether you are getting married in church, in town hall, or opting for a secular ceremony, the moment of departure is always very emotional. You introduce yourself for the first time as husband and wife and your loved ones are there to welcome you and make this moment an unforgettable memory.

Yes, but how? Here are some honor hedge ideas to help you find the perfect atmosphere for your big day.

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A colorful hedge of honor

If your wedding theme prioritizes the brightest colors, your ceremony output should be up to the task – with as much color as you like! For that, rest assured that there are a thousand and one ideas! For example, your guests can bring toothpicks at the end of which will have different colored ribbons.

They can also wave small flags or spread colored flags over you. You can also have fun throwing tassels, paper airplanes of all colors or balloons filled with helium.

The most childish ones will be armed with blowguns with multicolored party balls that will blow in the air when the bride and groom pass by. You can also use bobbins and other party favors such as sans-gênes. Those who prefer the charm of nature will collect autumn leaves in bright colors and throw them into the sky.

A path of light

This option is recommended if the ceremony takes place at the end of the day. You will need the night to start to fall to get the maximum effect and get original and romantic wedding photos.

In your creative invitations, include one magic candle per guest that everyone should bring with them at the time of the ceremony. You can also distribute these accessories on site or provide your guests with small candles, glow sticks and other LED accessories. A fun way to combine a ceremony with your wedding entertainment.

A sporting outing

Are you a sporty couple? When you are not walking in your lace wedding dress or in your blue wedding dress, you run down the slopes, you push your limits? So put your favorite sport in the spotlight at this famous hedge of honor.

Depending on your tastes, your family can bring basketball, volleyball, rugby or soccer balls, tennis or badminton rackets, diving masks, swimming goggles, fins, pumps and riding boots, golf clubs, etc. If guests want to throw something at the bride and groom, a good alternative can be inflatable beach balls.

A musical welcome

Music is in your blood! Your loved ones know this perfectly well and may decide to welcome you with trumpets, bells and other drums. It can be particularly festive to bring together an entire orchestra or a local marching band if you come from a region where traditional songs and instruments are the center of attention.

When giving your wedding speech, don’t forget to thank your loved ones for this extraordinary hedge! In turn, make a little pleasure for your friends who came in great numbers on this great day and throw in their direction the famous wedding bouquet!

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