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Postpone a wedding The ad wording you need
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▷ 🥇 Postpone a wedding? The ad wording you need

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Although postponing a wedding is never an ideal situation, it does happen. If your wedding plans were damaged by one of this season’s hurricanes, it is important that the wedding guests know about the new details as soon as possible. For couples who have not yet chosen a new date and / or location, let your friends and family know that your current plans have changed, and why, and that you will share the new wedding details as soon as they are established.

An email blast or phone chain will be the fastest way to make a wedding postponement announcement if the original date is fast approaching. You can also use Facebook and Instagram to spread the word. Update your wedding website with the new date, location, and any other information that guests need to know, such as how to travel to the new venue, hotel accommodations, room blocks, and any other details you may need. have changed because of the hurricanes.

Couples who have the time and budget to reprint and mail a save the date card and wedding invitation can use a number of different wedding postponement wording options to explain their decision and share their new plans.

If you are putting off a wedding, here is the ad wording you need to use.

If you are putting off a wedding and updating your wedding website, but you don’t have a new date yet….

We are saddened by the destruction that the hurricane (name) has caused to (place), and we have decided to postpone our wedding until we find a new place to celebrate. We will share the new date and details with you as soon as they are available.


Due to the hurricane (name), Jane Anne Doe’s wedding to John Steven Smith will not take place on November 4 as originally planned. A new wedding date will be announced as soon as possible.

If you are putting off a wedding and sending new dates to save things….

We regret to inform you that Jane Doe’s wedding to John Smith will not take place as planned due to the hurricane (name).

Please save the new date of March 10, 2021.

Formal invitation to follow (or for a more casual feel: Invitation and details to follow )

If you are going to organize your wedding and forward your invitations….

The marriage of

Mrs. Jane Ann Doe


Mr. John Steven Smith

has been postponed until

Saturday, March 10

Two thousand and eighteen

at five and a half

Springfield Country Club

123 Spruce Drive

If your parents are organizing your wedding and you are forwarding your invitations….

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Doe

they announce that their daughter’s wedding

Miss Jane Anne


Mr. John Steven Smith

that was postponed will take place now

Saturday, March 10, 2021 at the Springfield Country Club

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