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Real Proposal Stories Dani Toryn British Columbia
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▷ 🥇 Real Proposal Stories: Dani & Toryn, British Columbia

Photo: Nichole Taylor Photography

Dani and Toryn plan to get married this summer on a Disney Wonder Cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.

“About 25 people will be traveling with us,” Dani said. “I’m going with a vintage travel theme, and when we come back we’ll have an I do BBQ”

They shared the story of their proposal with us here!

Photo: Nichole Taylor Photography

Dani and Toryn met doing a crazy sport called show jumping in the fall of 2009.

“It is a mixture of gymnastics and dancing on a moving horse. Although it is very popular in Europe, it is just beginning to find a foothold in North America, ”said Dani. “We were both members of the same team and we became friends during the first competition we went to together.”

After six months, they went on an official date at a gourmet burger restaurant!

Photo: Nichole Taylor Photography

To celebrate Dani’s college graduation, the couple planned a week-long trip to Whistler to ski and snowboard in the spring of 2012.

“After one of the snowy days, we were back at the hotel for a nap,” Dani said. “Just as I started to wake up, Toryn came over and bounced off the bed with a silly look on her face.” “I have something for you,” he said. “I was hoping it was one of the peanut butter pretzels we were eating. When he opened his hand, he said: Will you marry me? I was very surprised, but the proposal was totally ours ”.

Photo: Nichole Taylor Photography

Dani’s engagement ring was handmade by Toryn.

“He’s a machinist who makes high-precision metal parts,” Dani said. “His decision to make me the ring was a natural one. It is a stainless steel band engraved with Toryn Eterno Amor Dani in Japanese characters ”.

Photo: Nichole Taylor Photography

His proposed advice: “My best advice is to go ahead with your plan,” says Toryn. “I had a great plan to kneel on top of the ski slope with the incredible views all around us and I was totally excited and asked Dani from the beginning when we were in the hotel room.

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