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▷ 🥇 Regional specialties: 20 souvenir gifts to remember your city or region.

You have chosen your wedding invitations with the largest application because you want to offer your loved ones an original wedding and your image. This is how all the elements of your wedding will be thought and cared for down to the smallest detail, starting of course with the decoration of your wedding.

So don’t stop there and take the time to find an original wedding gift for all the members of the assembly so that everyone can leave with a nice memory of your event.

What would you say to this effect so that your friends discover a specialty of your city or region? If you are interested in this idea, stay with us!

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Why choose a regional specialty?

You don’t get married by chance in this city or town. You have a family history or a heart story with the region where your event is taking place, it may even be the place where you find someone in love! Therefore, it would be a shame not to make a link between this venue and your event.

For this, you may have opted for a country wedding decoration in keeping with the beautiful natural environment that surrounds you. Go a little further and sample local specialties to help your loved ones discover all the treasures of your region.

Your guests have made the journey and some have come from far away to join you. Therefore, it would be a shame not to take this opportunity to let you know where your union is. Choosing a regional specialty also means choosing responsible consumption, making small producers in your city or town work and rediscovering the good taste of the land.

What product to choose?

A drink, a caramel, a condiment, a salty food, surely you just have the shame to choose! Depending on the theme of your wedding, direct your selection towards a product that matches the spirit of your union. First, think about transporting and storing your little gift.

Instead, choose a specialty that can be kept for a few days or even a few weeks so that your loved ones can enjoy it for longer. Opt for a food product that cannot be damaged during transport for some of your guests who have to travel for several hours.

Avoid foods that need to be refrigerated. When it comes to flavor, there are two possible options: choose a relatively universal flavor, or one that attracts a large majority, such as small rolls or a jar of fleur de sel, or choose a truly original flavor, to let your guests discover something new, like violet candies or black currant cream.

What presentation to adopt?

In the same way that you liked to make creative invitations, let your imagination run wild when it comes to packing your little gifts. Keep up the momentum of decorating your wedding hall by choosing colors and materials for your souvenir gifts similar to those used to decorate the different spaces of your event. Feel free to add small labels marked with your first names and / or your wedding date.

If you put your regional specialties into jars yourself, choose small, individual glass containers that are attractive, easy to transport, and reusable. Unlike plastic, glass is a pure material that does not contain any chemical components that can migrate into food.

If you want to bet on tasty local products, offer the best possible packaging! Just remember to keep your small glass jars away from light as they are transparent and do not protect products from UV rays that alter the properties of food.

For your wedding games, also focus on activities related to your region. Choose a sport, a manual activity or another custom in your city or town, your wedding entertainment will be even more personal and authentic.

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