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▷ 🥇 So you want to run away? – Guide for brides

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For some couples, a big and extraordinary wedding is not their style. And neither is a small, intimate wedding. These couples will probably want to elope, which means their nuptials will be completely private, with no family, no friends, no guests at all. Evasions can be super romantic (“let’s run away and get married today!”) And certainly require less planning than a full wedding. However, leaks require a bit of foresight, and it’s best to do some preliminary research to ensure the right move is leaking for you and your future spouse.

Do you want to run away? Read on to learn the steps to follow to plan the escape of your dreams.

Okay, what exactly is a leak?

At various times during wedding planning, many brides and grooms may say that they want to elope. But do you really know what it means to elope? An elopement is a simple and secret wedding in which a couple gets married in a private setting without informing their friends or family beforehand. As mentioned, there are no guests present, and there is no reception. An elopement is different from a “surprise wedding,” in which a couple invites their loved ones to a non-bridal event that turns out to be a wedding. It’s also different from a super-intimate wedding, where only a few close loved ones are invited. A leak means complete privacy and it usually happens suddenly.

Consider whether the leak is Really right for you.

Slits are not for everyone. When you run away, you may not inform your family and friends that you are getting married until after the fact, not even your parents. Some parents might agree to this, while others would be deeply hurt if they did not witness their son’s wedding. If you think that the leak may cause a major rift between you and your family members or friends, think twice. A small and intimate wedding can feel very similar to an elopement, but it will allow your loved ones to be present during your special day. Also, if you think you will regret not having your loved ones by your side while exchanging vows, an elopement is probably not for you. If the wedding planning has gotten overwhelming and you’re ready to throw in the towel and elope, take a step back and have an open and honest discussion with your partner to see if elopement is really the right move, or if you just need to de-stress. .

Choose a location.

When you think of an escape, you probably think of two places: the local courthouse and Las Vegas. And yes, many couples choose to elope at their local courthouse or government building because it’s easy, quick, and romantic. And because Las Vegas has no waiting period between receiving your marriage license and when you can get married, it is the escapee capital of the country – there are many chapels and other escape venues to choose from. However, if you have a little more time and are willing to do a little planning, you may want to escape somewhere picturesque locally or far away. Maybe a favorite vacation spot, a National Park (although you may need a permit), a famous place you’ve always wanted to visit, or some other place – the world is your oyster! Many hotels and resorts offer getaway packages that may be worth investigating. Not only will choosing a unique location feel more personal, think about the amazing photos you can capture!

Read about the legal requirements.

If you want to elope, you will need to consult the marriage laws and requirements of the state or country in which you are getting married. Many states do not have a waiting period, which means that you will be able to obtain your marriage license and get married the same day. But other states require that you wait a day or more between receiving your license and getting married. In fact, in Wisconsin, you will have to wait six days. If you decide to get married at the town hall, you may need to make an appointment and bring witnesses. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents when you apply for your license. And if you are getting married in another country, it is best that you obtain your marriage license in the United States before going abroad, as it may be more difficult (or impossible) to get married legally abroad, depending on the country in which you’re running away

Yes, you will probably have to hire some salespeople.

Many couples want to elope to avoid work and the potential stress that comes with planning a traditional wedding. However, you will have to hire a few providers, even if you are having the most casual leak. An officiant is a must (although officiants are provided at town hall weddings), and you will likely want a photographer on hand to capture the big moment, and maybe take some fun and romantic portraits before or after saying “yes.” , I want”. You may also want to hire a florist to make a bouquet and / or boutonniere, and of course buy some new outfit for the occasion (of course you don’t have to buy a traditional wedding dress or tux, But you can if you want!). And even if you’re not hosting a traditional reception, you might want to make a reservation at a special restaurant to celebrate. Enlisting these salespeople may take some time, but you’ll be happy to have a few professionals on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Announce your marriage and celebrate (if you wish).

While an elopement is secret and private by nature, you will need to announce your marriage to your loved ones at some point. Try to share the news with your closest family and friends, either in person or over the phone. We also recommend sending formal marriage announcements (yes, by post) rather than just posting them on social media, although it is entirely up to you. Some couples also choose to host a post-elementary party, usually a super casual event like happy hour or a backyard barbecue, where you can celebrate with loved ones in person.

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