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Soap bubbles at the exit of the church
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▷ 🥇 Soap bubbles at the exit of the church

The soap bubbles outside the church? He admits that it still looks different than grains of rice. It’s true, rice is part of the tradition. Yet more and more couples believe that world hunger is devastating enough to have fun throwing food away. In this sense, they began to look for an alternative solution.

Some choose lavender or fake rose petals and others choose soap bubbles. But in fact, what do you need to know before distributing soapy water to all of your guests?

  • For a sublime rendering, know that you will need to have a large number of bubbles. Also, if the bubbles are very few, they will not even appear in the photos. In this sense, you can provide “bubble machines” that you will have on both sides of the church square, or make sure that the number of blowers is very large.
  • Also take care to ensure that the mixture does not stain. In fact, soapy water can sometimes leave nasty stains on clothes, and on that day, it won’t be just any clothes, but your formal wear, so it would be a shame to damage it.
  • You can offer small pots decorated in the colors of your wedding to the guests of vios or juuste to the children!

We also wish the sun to be part of it, so that your bubbles have colorful reflections that will give you images of unforgettable beauty.

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