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Spring flowers in your bridal bouquet
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▷ 🥇 Spring flowers in your bridal bouquet!

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The sun shines, the animals play, the trees sprout and the flowers appear as if by magic…. It’s spring! Floral wedding invitations fill the mailboxes as you prepare to welcome your guests. If this revival inspires you to create an original wedding decoration, this beautiful season should also give you ideas for your bridal bouquet! Here are some guidelines for composing your spring bouquet for D-Day.

A season full of color

After the colder months, spring brings with it light, color and joie de vivre. Bridal bouquets are dyed pink, fuchsia, purple, and purple, as well as warmer colors like yellow, orange, and red.

A few flowers reveal a brilliant blue that is ideal for highlighting the tradition of “something blue” with an electric floral accessory. The white and pastel colors, on the other hand, allow to create delicate bouquets that combine perfectly with a lace wedding dress. This is also the case with Pink Lavender, one of the Pantone colors that make up this year’s spring palette.

Finally, some bicolor flower varieties promise an even more elaborate color scheme.

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Seasonal flowers

Among the first flowers that appear in spring are the daffodils and daffodils, the forsythia and the broom of the dunes, the yellow, as well as the first rays of sun that adapt very well to the fashion of the wild bouquets.

The well-known and appreciated flowers such as tulips, butterflies, peonies, hydrangeas, pansies, primroses and majestic irises are available in pink, red, yellow, mauve, white and blue to delight brides of different styles and wedding themes.

You can turn to cluster-shaped flowers like lilacs, cloves, foxtails, etc., which will add volume to your wedding flower arrangements. Also think about the snowballs that will give you a little reminder at the end of winter.

Do not forget the small flowers of hyacinth, lily of the valley, bluebell and veronica, delicate and intoxicating. In addition, artichoke flowers, a kind of purple-blue thistle and globulars are special flowers to sprinkle in an original wedding bouquet.

You can add a touch of green around your chosen flowers with ivy, fern, and aspidistra.

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A customizable bouquet

Roses are flowers that can be combined with many other varieties. If you have chosen a vintage wedding dress, choose dried flowers of limonium, cherry or a bouquet of roses.

Mix the poppy matrices. In addition, you can combine them with lilies for a more glamorous look, as well as with snowballs and allium.

If you’re romantic, gather peonies, butterflies, and sweet peas in a round bridal bouquet, or lilacs and roses in a cascading bouquet.

Finally, a bouquet of multicolored daffodils or tulips will “pepper” a simple and chic wedding dress.


Lily of the valley, the spring flower

If you get married in May, choose the lily of the valley! These pretty, very fragrant, snowdrop-shaped white flowers represent the beginning of spring. They are offered to loved ones on May 1, a tradition dating back to ancient Rome, in honor of Flora, the goddess of flowers.

In addition, the lily of the valley is a lucky charm according to the Celts. Here are some great reasons to use them to make your big day bouquet! Nailed with a pretty ribbon, you can imagine a small minimalist bouquet, but you can also leave a little room for muscari or some red roses for a more romantic and voluminous bouquet.

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Spring offers you a range of flowers that will undoubtedly enhance the tone of your wedding dress. In color, pastel or white, create different types of seasonal bouquets with these spring flowers. Which one will stand out best in your original wedding photos?

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