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▷ 🥇 Susanna Rivieri 2021: the traditional codes of the increasingly sophisticated wedding dress

Susanna rivieri

Susanna Rivieri has established itself for several years as a brand to be reckoned with in the world of wedding dresses. This branch of the Portuguese group Grupo Noiva strives to develop collections each season that respond to the wishes of today’s women without ever losing sight of the aesthetics of the traditional wedding dress, which has made entire generations dream.

2021 is no exception, and Susanna Rivieri is answering the call of brides in search of a unique suit that reflects this day that only happens once in a lifetime.

Discover without further ado the main characteristics of the white dress models that Susanna Rivieri designers have designed for you this season.

Susanna rivieri

Bridal wife, talk to all the brides

Although the Sposa 2021 line of wedding dresses is aimed exclusively at women who are looking for a sophisticated outfit that is not simple and light, it offers a wide variety of cuts that allow future brides to find a model that suits their morphology and your wishes.

For the most classic wishes and a true princess silhouette, Bridal Sposa offers you many dresses with flared skirts of tulle and organza among other refined materials, enhanced with charming lace to enhance the models.

Susanna rivieri Susanna rivieri

A classic cut does not mean a lack of sensuality, quite the opposite. This is where mermaid cuts come in to sublimate curves and add another dimension to the wedding dress.

They blend perfectly with shapes, all in a variety of necklines ranging from sweetheart bodices to slim straps to illusion sets.

Naked fashion dresses accompany the Bridal Sposa 2021 proposal, a key to adding an extra note of poetry and softness to wedding dresses.

Susanna rivieri Susanna rivieri

Bridal Couture, an exclusive, glamorous and romantic line

The Bridal Couture collection is aimed at women who see their celebration as a fairy tale and want an impressive ensemble worthy of the best love movies.

The Bridal Couture 2021 line is clearly marked by the importance given to the traînes, which, more or less long, are meticulously worked, especially in the embroidery that richly adorn the dresses and sublimate the garment to the tip of the feet.

Susanna rivieri

Embroidery of lace and precious stones are part of the protagonists of this collection, two elements that can be found in most of the models, each one of them designed as a unique and exclusive jewel. As a future wife, you will feel as if you are putting on a real work of art designed especially for you!

Regarding the cuts, the mermaid and princess wedding dresses share the list without forgetting some models of A-tide dresses.

As for the necklines, the choice is wide, with vertiginous V’s, neck turns, round necklines, boat, spaghetti straps or illusion.

Susanna rivieri

Have you embraced excellence on your D-day? Susanna Rivieri too! Visit our catalog to discover all the models in the Susanna Rivieri 2021 collection or use the filters at your disposal to find the wedding dress that suits you best.

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