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Tango for the opening of the bride and grooms
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▷ 🥇 Tango for the opening of the bride and groom’s dance

If you have a few months to prepare your opening dance, take tango classes: this dance of Argentine origin is sensual, dynamic and impressive, as long as you master the steps.

Enroll at least six months in advance if you are a beginner in a tango class, or take private dance classes. Tango is a much more energetic and complex dance form than the slow and waltz that requires a lot of involvement and a certain sense of rhythm and coordination of movements beforehand.

Make sure you are well informed by watching videos on the Internet and possibly following the advice of a dance teacher to find out if your project is feasible given the time you have and your prior knowledge.

If you are willing to embark on this adventure, in addition to the dance classes you will have to think about the bride’s attire, which will have to be adapted: because it involves dancing the tango with a voluminous princess dress, which would prevent you from moving freely, or With a long train, in which you would risk taking your feet, even more so, tango relies heavily on footwork.

If you are not going to marry in a short wedding dress and it is not possible for you to get up or take off your petticoat or train, the best solution would be to change your clothes once the ceremony is over to be more comfortable in your movements, not only for the opening dance of the dance but also for the rest of the night. A tight red dress, for example!

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