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▷ 🥇 Tell us what princess you are, we will tell you what wedding dress to wear.

Alessandra rinaudo

According to your concept, your marriage should seem like a fairy tale in every way! To do this, before you even spot any magical ideas for your wedding decor, start by finding the right wedding dress. Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella just need to behave. Every year, many designers are inspired by the famous outfits of your favorite heroines. You can identify with them on your unique day by choosing a wedding dress, shoes, makeup and hairstyle that reflect their image.

A voluminous petticoat, a heart-shaped or asymmetrical bodice, gold, colored or transparent? We advise you how to get the look that best suits the character you admire.

A mermaid glass that looks like Ariel

Justin alexander

Forget about shells and scales! To leave your beloved husband and guests speechless, slip your silhouette into a mermaid wedding dress. This cup will subtly remind us of Ariel’s costume, the Little Mermaid. If you choose a model decorated with embroidery or gems with pink and silver highlights and a sweetheart neckline, the imitation will be more obvious. Choose a floral bar or a single large flower for a simple wedding hairstyle with marine overtones.

A blue dress like Cinderella


To transform into Cinderella without using a magic wand, opt for a wedding dress with a large petticoat and a scoop neckline, framed with short sleeves or shoulder pads.

In addition, an overskirt and gloves will further accentuate the resemblance to the famous blue dress in which your heroine appears at the dance. The trend is towards pale blue wedding dresses, enjoy them! Add a turban or tiara to a spicy wedding bun and voila!

The Cloak of the Snow Queen


It seems that the Snow Queen, in her sparkly dress and cape, is ahead of the trends! In fact, this new accessory seems to increasingly replace the traditional bridal veil. Strass is also very present in the new bridal fashion collections.

You will easily find a long-sleeved wedding dress in the style of this new Disney princess. Sheer layer, side hairstyle and 3D patterns like snowflakes, you’ve got enough to make your majestic and sophisticated look as good as hers!

A neckline with bare shoulders like Belle’s

Dovita girlfriend

Her name is Belle, dressed in a princess dress, wide and pleated. His long gloves and bare shoulders also make you dream? Adopt the same neckline and accessories as her. If you want to do a little more research, look through the wedding dress catalog for an ivory, cream, or off-white color that looks like Belle’s outfit.

An asymmetrical neckline like Pocahontas

Tiffany Pink

You like original wedding dresses that honor trends like fringes and an asymmetrical sweetheart neckline. It is because you are a fan of Pocahontas and her ethnic looks. Be inspired by this female character for your big day look. Then you will embody a bride full of audacity and you will show a very sensual silhouette!

A two-piece wedding dress like Jasmine


Who said that princesses only wear dresses? Jasmine, a key character in the Aladdin cartoon, proves otherwise in her wonderful summer set! Combined pants, or rather, crop top bridal top combined with a tulle skirt, combine these different elements to compose a wedding look almost identical to your own.

If you forgo a two-piece suit, you can opt for an oriental wedding dress, adorned with rhinestones, embroidery or stones with a thousand reflections.

The Hood as Little Red Riding Hood


The cape, the star accessory of 2021 wedding dresses, is available in several ways. Attached to the shoulders or covering the head, it reminds us of Little Red Riding Hood in its version with a hood.

Whether you choose a red wedding dress or not, bet on a wedding cape or at least a long veil that you will glue to your wedding socks.

A sunny dress like Peau d’âne


Leave the Disney universe for a moment to admire another incredible princess: the donkey skin! Jacques Demy’s film, released in 1970, is known above all for its beautiful costumes. Among them were the unlikely princess dresses that Peau d’Âne ordered his father to prevent incest.

She needed three dresses that were impossible to make, but each time the king provided them. The dress in sunny colors, with its golden sparkles and majestic volumes, is perhaps the exceptional garment you were waiting for on your big day.

You have stars in your eyes when you think of the dress that will be an integral part of your original wedding. The day that “your prince will come” has come soon! It will have neither sword nor horse, but a beautiful wedding dress to match your dress inspired by a fairy tale …

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