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The 10 things to say and not say if
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▷ 🥇 The 10 things to say and not say if the bride and groom ask you to give a speech.

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Speaking in front of an audience is not an easy task, especially when it comes to a wedding speech! The future spouses hope that you will make them laugh or cry, if the wedding makeup has to run it will be out of emotion and not because of a rarity. Do you feel like you have a sword of Damocles over your head? Relieve the pressure while making sure things are said and not said when you accomplish your mission. If you are a friend or family member, follow these tips to find the right words and the most beautiful wedding phrases to include in your speech.

Things to say

1. A declaration of love

Now is the time to say how much you love them. You can go back over your story by telling some anecdotes that express strong moments lived between you. Be fun and heartwarming!


2. Compliments

Feel free to mention all your qualities, all the good things you think about your relationship, and what the reasons are.

Tell the bride and groom that they are a beautiful couple and that they are made for each other. Don’t overdo it and be honest.

3. Memories

Tell your beautiful story starting with a magical expression like “Once upon a time …”. Who fell in love first, where did the first date take place, how did one try to seduce the other?

Be sure to find out before describing your meeting. But don’t make them feel uncomfortable, don’t write anything hurtful or offensive.

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4. Acknowledgments

This speech might sound like a guest version thank you wedding speech. Thank the bride and groom for all the care and preparation they have put into giving you an unforgettable day.

Do not forget a few words about all the participants in the organization of the union, such as the family, the relatives, the organizers and all those who made this beautiful day possible.

5. All the happiness in the world

The best is yet to come! Wish them happiness and beautiful projects …

Make a toast to them, giving them your best wishes to close the whole thing! There is nothing like a beautiful love quote to end your speech in style.

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Things not to say

6. Zero improvisation

Unless you are also an excellent speaker, don’t improvise!

Don’t risk making up such an important speech or you may stutter and not find the words!

7. Champagne but not too much

A few drinks can dilute languages, especially if you’ve chosen to give a humorous wedding speech, but overusing them can lead to disaster!

So limit your intake while you wait your turn.

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8. You are not the star

Don’t steal their show! The speech is dedicated to the bride and groom and not to you. It is a wedding, not an opportunity to put on the show or turn your speech into wedding entertainment.

9. Nothing embarrassing

Do not tell anything embarrassing, anecdotes yes, but there are limits. Not all secrets need to be revealed.

Guests may not want to know all the details of their beginnings, not to mention the discussions or other personal and intimate moments.

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10. The word “ex” is prohibited

Do not mention your exes: avoid any reference to past relationships, which are not appropriate at a time like this.

Even if the ex is now friends with the boyfriends, there is no need to spread anything about it!

This task should not be viewed as a poisoned gift. Take the speech to be written as part of one of the wedding games! Follow our advice and everything will be perfectly fine! They will then be one of the actors in an original and successful wedding.

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