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The 5 Wedding Dress Styles Every Newly Engaged Brides
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▷ 🥇 The 5 Wedding Dress Styles Every Newly Engaged Brides Should Know


After the excitement of your engagement, you’ll soon start to cross things off your wedding planning list, like shopping and buying the dress of your dreams. Knowing the different styles of wedding dresses that you can choose will be very useful during your first wedding date – trust us. While you may have dreamed of your wedding dress long before the moment you just said it, we know that not everyone is an expert in bridal fashion, and that’s totally fine! You can start to get to know the basics by taking this wedding dress test and then reading more about the top wedding dress styles right here. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to walk into that bridal salon like a pro.

From boho to minimalist, these are the wedding dress styles that every newly engaged bride should know about.

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Dress by Nouvelle Amsale

Minimalist style of wedding dress

This trendy wedding dress style skyrocketed to popularity when Meghan Markle stepped out in her now iconic Givenchy gown. Minimalist wedding dresses are the starting point for brides with a modern everyday style, and they are also on their way to being some of the most popular wedding dresses for 2020. These types of dresses can come in a variety of different silhouettes, too. From the A-line to the figure-hugging styles, you can find a minimalist dress in almost any shape – just keep in mind that “less is more rule” when shopping. If what you are looking for is a dress that produces effortlessly an air of a cool girl , opt for a minimalist style of wedding dress.


Pronovias dress

Glam style wedding dress

Brides who want a wow-worthy dress should go for a glamorous style of the wedding dress. These dresses are designed to create a luxurious look for the wedding day with the help of elaborate embellishments, such as crystal beads or pearls, as well as silhouettes that hug curves. Wedding dresses with low cut necklines and thigh skirts are a sure way to make a statement on the big day. Along with the dazzling details, a glamorous wedding dress should have an overall luxurious and luxurious look. Opt for dresses with voluminous skirts or a feminine mermaid silhouette for a truly haute couture look on your big day.

Grace loves lace

Grace Loves Lace Dress

Bohemian Style Wedding Dress

Boho wedding dresses have a laid-back vibe that is perfect for free-spirited brides. These dresses feature whimsical embellishments, lightweight fabrics, and laid-back silhouettes, all of which are great for outdoor settings and fuss-free outfits. Brides with casual daily wardrobes will love boho wedding dress styles because they are not only easy to rock, but they will also add an ethereal and magical vibe to your big day. From sheath silhouettes that bare the body to dresses with bell sleeves inspired by the 70s, you will leave your OS feeling enchanted and in awe when wearing a bohemian style wedding dress.

Dan lecca

Madeline Gardner Morilee Dress

Romantic style of wedding dress

This style of wedding dress is often confused with the boho look described above, when it is actually a more elegant option. While most romantic dresses feature a similar laid-back feel, like an airy skirt, these dresses differ from bohemian looks because they have more elaborate details. Romantic wedding dresses are often covered with flashy embellishments, such as floral appliqués, and are paired with flirty skirts. Along with dreamy details, these suits feature feminine necklines, like a groom or bride, to draw attention to the collarbones and shoulders. Brides don’t have to stick to the traditional white dress either! To really evoke a romantic feeling on the big day, choose a wedding dress in a light blush or soft dove color and you’ll have everyone oohing and ahhing about your wedding day look.

Dan lecca

Justin Alexander dress

Classic Wedding Dress Style

For those who want a timeless and tasteful dress, we think they will love a classic wedding dress. While trends come and go, traditional wedding dresses will never go out of style because they stick to simple, yet elegant designs. With flattering silhouettes like the popular A-line as well as more modest necklines like a bateau or strapless, a classic wedding dress style is a must for brides with an everyday preppy or chic look. Also, this style doesn’t mean that you can’t add a bit of personality to your dress either. By adding lace sleeves or other custom details, like a few appliqués, you can give your classic dress a one-of-a-kind update.

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