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The 6 best makeup ideas for a chic beauty
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▷ 🥇 The 6 best makeup ideas for a chic beauty


After having done one or more tests with a professional, you finally have an idea of ​​what your wedding makeup will look like. However, it is not always easy to find all the possible combinations, the choice of shades according to the color of the hair or eyes, and the perfect combination of makeup with the wedding dress. To see more clearly, discover examples of beauty treatments adapted to each type of bride. In this way you will be up to date with your aesthetics of the day, the only thing you lack is the wedding hairstyle.

1. A worked nude

Jonathan Mieze Photographer

Popular on podiums, this “no makeup” look gives the impression of no makeup. It is about working especially on the complexion to give the illusion of flawless skin. BB cream, mattifying powder and concealer will be your most precious allies. Nude, light and discreet colors are preferred, always taking into account the ones that best suit your skin.

  • For what girlfriend? The one who does not need or wants to look beautiful with great pomp and circumstance, and wants to find the ideal natural makeup for her vintage or bohemian chic wedding dress.

2. A fresh and bright makeup

Kasia h

The purpose of a bright makeup is above all to give a glow to the skin as if it were rejuvenated again. To achieve this, you will need a fluid, natural foundation and concealer to brighten strategic areas of the face. For a fresh and long-lasting effect, add a creamy peach eyeshadow and an apricot blush.

  • For what girlfriend? This type of makeup will highlight the more mature brides.

3. A minimalist makeup

JD Bascio

To keep you in a classic look, minimal makeup cuts straight to the point. A fresh complexion, a sober beauty at eye level with a black pencil, mascara and a matte mouth.

  • For what girlfriend? Perfect for a traditional bride in a gorgeous lace wedding dress with makeup that doesn’t break the codes. There are no missteps on the horizon!

4. An elegant smoked

Les Etoiles du Mont Blanc

Elegant and sensual, this “bull’s eye” makeup consists of giving a great intensity to the bride’s eyes by playing with the shadows of the eyeshadows. This close option to Lebanese wedding makeup will delight many of you.

  • For what girlfriend? More like a fatal woman, a confident bride, the bride who chose a mermaid wedding dress.

5. A retro makeup

Anne Claire Rossi

A clear complexion, a deer eye with a perfect line of black eyeliner, false lashes, and a passionate red mouth with well defined contours, this is the perfect definition of a retro makeup.

  • For what girlfriend? Among the wedding themes, do you lean towards the 1920s and 1930s? This type of makeup suits you perfectly.

6. The pastel chic trend

Coco makeup artist

Fresh and modern, this type of makeup has become very popular in recent years, both in the city and at large events. It consists of working the bride’s complexion delicately and sculpting her eyes with various shades of pastel, champagne and coral eyeshadows. Don’t forget the essential mascara and lipstick with their luscious sweet shades.

  • For what girlfriend? A suitable makeup for a future wife who has chosen to organize a country or rustic wedding.

Last but not least, if possible, match the shade of your lipstick with the color of your bridal bouquet for a perfect result! Above all, do not forget to choose a makeup that will make you feel beautiful and look like you. You cannot dress up just because you have to follow the trend of the moment. For your beauty, as well as for the choice of wedding decoration, you must first listen to your wishes.

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