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The anatomy of a tuxedo
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▷ 🥇 The anatomy of a tuxedo

The groom must stand out at his wedding, so what better way to look elegant and sophisticated than by wearing a tuxedo! It is incredibly glamorous and you can dress it top to bottom depending on how formal your reception is.

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A proper fit is essential for a traditional tuxedo because it should flatter your figure. While a fuller, classic tuxedo adds volume to your body, slimmer modern tuxedos look even more elegant, but need to be perfectly tailored. The choice of accessories is also very important, so be sure to choose the right tie, shoes, cuffs and a pocket square to finish the look.


The choice of the lapel is crucial. Make sure the style of the lapel matches the formality of the wedding. A suitable tuxedo will have a peak or shawl lapel, regardless of whether it is single or double breasted. A notched lapel is not considered formal, but since the rules are much less strict these days, this is the most common option for single-breasted tuxedos and most grooms prefer this style for their jackets.

While slim notch lapels are flatter than slim figures, a regular notch is more suitable for heavyset men. The lapels of the shawl have rounded edges and look traditional and modern at the same time. It’s a great option for almost all body shapes, but you should probably avoid this type of lapel if you have a round body or face.

Tuxedo pants

The classic tuxedo pants have stripes on the top of the side seams to create a perfect look. This is a distinctive feature of tuxedo pants and the material must match the lapel. If the lapel is satin, the stripes on the pants must also be satin. This detail makes the pants look even more elegant and makes the male figure look slimmer while accentuating the quality of the tailoring. When choosing a bow tie, make sure the fabric type is the same as the lapel and the trouser stripe.

The length of the pants is another important detail that you should pay attention to. Pants should be midway between the top of the shoe and the bottom of the sole. You shouldn’t wear a belt with your pants, so go for suspenders.

Studs and grips

Pins and cuffs are an important element of your tuxedo because they are a great way to accessorize your wedding suit. They are typically gold and onyx, although many different styles can be found. Pins are used to replace the plastic buttons on a tuxedo shirt and will look great if you are wearing a bow tie. If you prefer to wear a tie with a Windsor knot instead, it is best not to have any nails in the shirt because it will not be visible under the tie.

The cuffs of the shirts are incredibly stylish and should be visible because you need to have a small amount of shirt under the sleeve of the jacket. It is important that you carefully match the buttons and cuffs, as the style should be consistent.

Pocket square

A pocket square is an optional detail that can add a little more flair to your tuxedo. A classic pocket square is a white handkerchief made from white linen or you can choose the color you like best to match your wedding theme. It should be square in shape if you want to keep it formal, or fold it casually if you prefer a more modern look. You can also do a peak pleat that is still very formal but looks more interesting than the classic square, or even do a puff pleat that is less formal and much more functional.

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