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▷ 🥇 The assembled piece: a wedding tradition that does not abandon us

Cédric Sintes

You have finally decided to take the step and get married. You are in the midst of preparations for this exceptional day that will celebrate your love and life as a couple. You may have already seen a beautiful wedding dress that will make you feel confident as you enter this new great phase of your life. Whether you have an original wedding or a more traditional ceremony in mind, a few elements will not be missing from your reception. This is especially true in the case of the assembled part! Although of course there is no obligation to do so, many couples decide to offer this type of cake to their guests. In the collective imagination, the assembled piece is, in effect, a symbol of marriage in the image of the white dress or the round bridal bouquet. Let’s learn more about this custom.

The origins of the assembled part

You have to look for the origins of this famous dessert in Greek antiquity. At that time a great bread had to be broken on the young couple’s head to ensure fertility and happiness. In the Middle Ages this large piece of bread was replaced by several rolls. It was then a question for the guests to make the tallest tower of scrolls possible by stacking them one on top of the other. From this mountain of bread the assembled piece was born!

Obviously, bread has been replaced over time by more refined and sugary foods. We find traces of this dessert as we know it today, in the 19th century, when a dish called Croque-en-Bouche was designed by Chef Carême for Prince Berthier.

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Assembled piece and literature

The tradition of the assembled piece is particularly strong in France and is part of our cultural heritage. This excerpt from Flaubert’s Madame Bovary with an appetizing description of the famous dessert:

“We had gone to Yvetot to find a pastry chef for cakes and nougat. When he was just starting out in the field, he had taken care of everything, and he himself brought a piece of cake for dessert that made people scream. At first it was a blue cardboard square representing a temple, with porticoes, colonnades, and stucco statues around it, in niches dotted with gold paper stars; Then, on the second floor, there was a tower of Savoyard cake, surrounded by small fortifications of angels, almonds, raisins, orange wedges and, finally, on the upper platform, which was a green meadow where there were rocks with lakes of jam and ships with hazelnut shells, a little love could be seen, swaying on a chocolate scarp, the two posts of which were topped by two natural rose buds, like balls, at the top. “


The different types of assembled parts

The traditional assembled piece consists of caramel-coated cream balls that allow them to be glued one on top of the other and form this famous cone. This type of dessert is also called crunchy because of the crunchy texture of the caramel and nougatine that the pastry chef often adds to the preparation.

However, cabbages can be arranged at your convenience to take the shape of a boat, house, carriage, or any other object related to your wedding theme.

The classic version of this dessert is being reinterpreted in many ways. This is particularly the case with the macaroni piece, a dessert that is a huge hit with young couples looking for their wedding cake.

Another version of the assembled piece from the United States called the Wedding Cake is stacking layers of cakes, from the largest to the smallest, and topping them with frosting and decorations of all kinds. The cakes can also be placed on a different size tray for a visually lighter and lighter dessert.

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Average cost of the assembled part

Unless you have cooking experience and a certain culinary talent, it is best to entrust a professional pastry chef with preparing your dessert on the big day. The assembly of the various elements of the assembled part is not easy and can run the risk of collapse if it is not executed correctly.

However, you will have to be willing to pay between 300 and 600 euros for a wedding of 100 people (3-4 cabbages per person). In addition to the number of guests, the price also depends on the raw material, the height of the cake, the shape and the intended decoration, etc. For a wedding cake, count between 500 and 1000 euros (5 to 10 euros per share).

Why be tempted?

The arrival of dessert is always a great moment for both the bride and groom and the guests and represents a true idea of ​​wedding entertainment if you do not know how to revive the atmosphere of your evening. A little music and the majestic dessert will make a grand entrance to your reception room!

This custom is always a great success and allows everyone to come to the buffet to receive cabbages or a piece of cake and exchange a few words with the bride and groom. This is a very lively and friendly time to wake everyone up and get ready to dance before the opening of the original wedding dance.

Thanks to its pyramidal and particularly appetizing aesthetic, the assembled piece is part of the decoration of your wedding table specially installed for desserts.

In order for your D-Day cake to reach its full dimension, don’t forget to take care of your wedding decorations. Among our articles you will find various tips to help you create a dream setting for your event, as well as tips for writing your wedding speeches. You will have everything you need to organize a D-day to satisfy your wishes.

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