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The beauty of your food partner
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▷ 🥇 The beauty of your food partner

First of all, we must remember that beauty is also linked to health, and that health, of course, depends on nutrition. In this sense, it is imperative that you eat a healthy diet to be able to shine a thousand lights for this unique day that will be your wedding, but also for each day afterwards! As the motto says: Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Here is a selection of the foods that will be your best friends during this rejuvenation cure that you are about to do!

  • The carrot. The carrot, according to legend, would make it nice. We have never had any scientific evidence for this phrase well known to our grandmothers. That said, carrots, and we are sure of it, contribute to giving a luminous glow to the complexion thanks to their contribution of vitamin A. You do not like carrots? Don’t worry, you will also find vitamin A in mango, eggs, liver, melon and peppers!

In order to provide your skin with the necessary supplements for its daily water loss, you should also think about eating foods rich in omega 3, it is these omega 3 that will take care of your cells. You will find them in all fish, but also in dried fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts, but also in olive oil, rapeseed oil and soybeans.

  • Soy is one of your best friends in this fight for beauty! Indeed, soy actively participates in the elimination of cholesterol in the blood, and thanks to one of its active principles, isoflavone, it allows you to purify your entire body.

So don’t hesitate to eat soy at will!

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