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The bride and grooms hedge of honor
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▷ 🥇 The bride and groom’s hedge of honor

The Hedge of Honor was no longer used for a while, and yet more and more newlyweds or guests decided to update it – successfully! Let’s take a closer look at what yours could look like:

  • If you have decided to organize a country wedding, you can choose, for example, to distribute straw hats to your guests, as well as long sunflowers.
  • If, on the contrary, you have decided to organize your wedding around the theme of travel and exoticism, why not buy the audacity of a hedge of honor made up of guests with fins, a mask and a breathing tube? That would certainly be hilarious!
  • For an Asian wedding, your hedge of honor could be made up of a crowd of guests with umbrellas.
  • For a medieval wedding, don’t skimp on costumes and place the troubadours on the church steps for a timeless excursion.

If you want to surprise your partner, you can even organize this hedge of honor with the complicity of your witnesses, without informing them. Therefore, you would be surprised to discover its staging when leaving the church. Of course, if you are a future husband, you can also surprise your future wife in the same way.

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